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Martinist Order of Freemasonry AKA Martinism

France 1740

Inspired by the mystical Christianity and hopes for political change, the Rosicrucian inspired Martinez de Pasqually (L'Ordre Martiniste des Elus-Cohen de l'Univers) founded a set of Masonic Rituals around the redemption of the Adamic Man by the 'Reintegration' of it's members. he was followed by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz who created the chevalric system degrees upon which the philosophical theory was structured.

Papus partnered with Saint-Yves d'Alveydre and Augustin Chaboseau revived it as (L'Ordre Martiniste Traditionnel) in 1886 at the same time he was reviving L'Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix (Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross) (OKRC) with Joséphin Péladan and the Marquis Stanislas de Guaita in 1888.

H. Spencer Lewis had a charter and organized the L'Ordre Martiniste Traditionnel of the AMORC for his Rosicrucian Fraternity in America.

The Leader of the Gnostic Catholic Church of France Jules Doinel, having inherited the mantle of Papus, moved Martinism towards Gnosticism. Jules Boucher opposed him by trying to reconnect Martinism with Freemasonry the L'Ordre Martiniste Initiatique.

At one point in the 1940s there existed ; Martinist Order of Papus, now disappeared. (O.M.P.) Synarchique Martinist Order of Victor Blanchard (AKA Sar Yesir), (O.M.S.) Martinist Order of Lyon. Traditional Martinist Order. (O.M.T) Rectified Martinist Order. (O.M.R.) “Les Amis de Saint-Martin”

Traditionally, the Rite "The Martinist Order confers the S.I. degree. Many meanings have been given to these two letters, Superieur Inconnu, Sovereign Judge (degree of Martines’Elus Cohens), Societe des Inities (Society of Initiates), Societe Inconnue (Society Unknown), Sage Inconnu (Sage Unknown), etc…Some even went up to see in these two letters the initials of the Society of Jesus!" - <<Jules Boucher>>