Mary d'Este Sturges

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Mary d'Este Sturges nee Dempsey "Desti" AKA Soror Virakam

Canada/ America /England 1871 - 1931

Comments: Aleister Crowley's second Scarlet Woman October 1911 - 1912; owner of Desti Beauty Products, a cosmetics firm after learning Turkish beauty secrets from her 2nd husband; Thelemite;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley;


Friends: Isadora Duncan, Modern Dancer; Everard Fielding; Preston Sturges, son; Solomon Sturges, one of 4 husbands;

Organizations: A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star);

Author: The Life of Isadora Duncan; inspired parts of Magick, Liber ABA, book 4 and The Vision and the Voice by Crowley;

Major Magickal WORKing: The Ab-ul-Diz Working