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Max Theon AKA "Eliezer Mordechai Theon Ben-Rivka" AKA Louis-Maximilian Bimstein AKA Aia Aziz

Poland / France 1848 – 1927

Comments: "Cosmic movement" aka Le Mouvement Cosmique; Qabalist; Rosicrucian; sex magick; Magic Mirror or Crystal gazing; husband - wife mesmerists and subject/muse/gateway to the Astral;Zoharist; CHASIDIUM :very interesting Magician;

Teachers: P. B. Randolph; Chassidim of Poland; Coptic magician Paulos Metamon; Eliphas Levi;

Students: Pascal Themanlys; H.P. Blavatsky; Mary Chrystine Woodroffe Ware (Madame Alma Théon), wife,founder of the Universal Philosophical Society; Augusta Roife (Miss Teresa), secretary; Louis Themanlys (Pascale's Father) ; F. Charles Barlet aka François-Charles Barlet aka Albert Faucheux, 1838–1921; Peter Davidson; Thomas Burgoyne; William Alexander Ayton; Rene Caille; Albert Jounet; Ellip B. Page; Thomas Moore Johnson; Dr. Jirah Dewey Buck; William B. Shirley; Emma Hardinge Britten; Hargrave Jenning; Papus; Theodor Reuss; C.C. Zain; Henry and Belle Wagner, C.C. Zain's initiators; Thomas M. Johnson, Platonist, in Missouri; Mrs. Josephine Cables, Rochester, NY; Joscelyn Godwin; J C F Grumbine aka Jesse Charles Fremont Grumbine; Chuck Furnace; the Id´ealet R´ealit circle, 1922, Paris; Eugène Blot, Art dealer; Boaz Huss;Marc Semenoff aka Marc Kogan, 1884–1968; Henri Morisset, 1870–1956; Paul Richard, 1874-1964; Dr. Francois Couillad ; Moise Benharoche-Baralia, the author of A` l’ombre de la tradition cosmique (1967); his disciples Jacques and Chantal Baryosher; Julien Lejay;

Friends: Matteo Alfassa, The Mother AKA Mirra Alfassa or Mirra Richard; Sri Aurobindo aka Aurobindo Ghose; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; John Yarker;

Enemies: H.P. Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott once large numbers of Theosophists began defecting to the H.B.of L, forcing them to start an "ESOTERIC Section" of "practical occultism" which remained disappointingly intellectual; A.E. Waite; Hurrychund Chintamon, who swindled Blavatsky; Rene Guenon; Pierre Duvar; William Q. Judge, who was rejected for membership from the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor or H.B.L.;

Organizations: inspired The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, 1884, using Randolph's practical methods and his own Philosopie Cosmique

Author: VISIONS OF THE ETERNAL PRESENT, La Tradition Cosmique;

Resources:;;; see also The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor by Joscelyn Godwin, et al;; ;;