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Franz Anton Mesmer AKA Friedrich Anton Mesmer AKa Franciscus Antonius Mesmer

Germany 1734 – 1815

Comments: developed Hypnotism (Mesmerism); the "baquet" a small tub, filed with bottles of "magnetized water", covered with water filled with iron filings, and covered with a pincushion of iron rods. Patients touched or were tied to the rods to receive the magnetic treatments, while being mesmerized by hand passes and listening to inspiring and strange music, like the glass harmonica; hoped to set up a Mesmeric Masonic Lodge in London, 1785, but failed; Animal Magnetism was just one part of the Universal Magnetism, which included mineral magnetism, cosmic magnetism and planetary magnetism; May have created of just inspired new Masonic Rites;

Teachers: Aesculapius; Professor Hehl aka Father Hell, Jesuit astronomer, gave him magnets, but then claimed Mesmer's results as his own, becoming eternal enemies; William Gilbert, author of De Magnete, 1600; Athanasius Kircher, especially Magnes sive de Arte Magnetica aka The Magnet,1641; Sir Isaac Newton; Thales of Miletus, knew loadstone attracts iron; Epicurus ; Democritus; Lucretius; Galen; Pliny; Plato; Saint Augustine of Hippo; Marco Polo ; Neckham, English monk (1157-1217); Otto von Guericke (1602-1686); Pieter van Musschenbroek of Leyden jar experiments; Charles François de Cisternay du Fay of The Jardin des Plantes; Joseph Priestley; Ben Franklin; Luigi Galvani (1737-1798); Alessandro Volta (1745-1827); Sir Antony Carlisle; Michael Faraday; : Hermes Trismegistus; Paracelsus; Jan Baptist van Helmont, whose Archaeus concept resembles hypochondria or William Blake's Bowlahoola, located in the stomach ; Greatrakers the Stroker from Ireland aka Valentine Greatrakes (1628–1682); Avicenna (aka Ibn Sina) ; Father Johann Joseph Gassner; Father Maximilian Hell, Mesmer's professor; DR. Richard Mead of England; Robert Fludd;

Students: Tardy de Montravel; Thomas Lake Harris; P. B. Randolph; Frederick Hockley; Andrew Jackson Davis (The Poukeepsie Seer); General Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Jemima Wilkinson (The Universal Friend) ; Laurence Oliphant; Antoine Lavoisier; Ebenezer Sibly; Baron Von Reichenbach, The "Red Baron"; Antoine Count de Gébelin; Herr Wolfart; Baron Dupotet; R. B. Inge ; Professor Boirac; Melvin Powers; Emile Coue; Sir Joseph Banks; Wm. Wesley Cook; Joan Grant‎; Elisabeth Haich‎;James Esdaile; Sydney Flower; George Sandby; John William Jackson; Theodore Leger; Miss Harriet Martineau; Dr. Moses Rigg; A. Alpheus; Varla Ventura; James Braid, hypnotist; Barbara Stafford; Abbe Faria, 1814; Johannes Schultz aka Dr. Johannes Heinrich Schultz of Autogenic training; Marquis de Puysegur of the Societe de Harmonic; Carl Reichenbach, chemist; Dr. James Esdaile ; Dr. John Elliotson; Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot; Ambroise-Auguste Liébeault; Hippolyte Bernheim; William James; Dr. Sigmund Freud; Boris Sidis ; Clark Leonard Hull (1884–1952) of Yale; Dr. Ivan Pavlov; Andrew Salter; Harry Arons; David Elman; Ormond McGill aka "Dean of American Hypnotists", (1913–2005) ; Samuel Lover, 1797 – 1868; Dr. William Newnham, 1790–1865; Francis Sitwell, likely author of Mesmerism Considered, 1852; Rev. Chauncy Hare Townshend, 1798 – 1868; Dr. John Elliotson; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Matthew deVoll; J. P. F. Deleuze, author of Practical Instruction in Animal Magnetism, 1843; William Harvey aka Aleph, Swedenborgian not circulation Dr., 1796-1866; Spencer T. Hall, author of Phreno-Magnet, and Mirror of Nature; John Hughes Bennett; A. Wagner;

Friends: Mozart; discussed in letters between Gen. George Washington and General the Marquis de Lafayette ; Baron Hareczky of Austria, patient; Mademosoiselle Paradis, pianist and patient; Baron von Stoerck, 1st physician to the Emperor ; Dr. Deslon; Queen Marie Antoinette; M. de Maurepas; M. De Jussieu; Dr. Virey; M. Deleuze; M. Bergasse; M. Kornmann; Frederick, King of Prussia;

Enemies: Ben Franklin; Louis VXI of France; James Braid; Dr. Ungerhoffer; Professor Hehl's friend Herr Ingenhaus; Herr Barth; Dr. Portal; Royal Society of Medicine of Paris; Dr. John Bonniot du Mainaduc;

Organizations: founded Harmonic Philosophical School AKA the Harmonic Society of Paris;

Author: De Planetarum Influxu, 1766 on Astrological Medicine;

Resources:; THREE FAMOUS OCCULTISTS by GM Hort on Dr. John Dee, R. B. Inge on Franz Anton Mesmer and a third essay, by W. P. Swainson, on Thomas Lake Harris, no copyright date, private library;; The Occult in Nineteenth-Century America, ed. Cathy Gutierrez, 2005 ;