Michael Aquino

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Michael Aquino AKA Dr. Michael A. Aquino

America @ 1950 - present

Comments: Self Initiation into Satanism; resented Levey's centralized control as not in keeping with Satanic principles; building on Nema's 4th Aeon of MAAT, he seems to have also "completed" Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law with a new Aeon, this one dedicated the Set and with the new "Word" of the Aeon "xeper"...boy, short Aeons we are having these days!

Teachers: Anton LaVey; H. P. Lovecraft; Aleister Crowley; Nema;

Students; Gabriél Rojas ; Don Webb;

Organizations: founded the splinter group the Temple of Set in 1975 after leaving The Church of Satan;

Author: The Book of Coming Forth by Night; Jeweled Tablets of Set; Edited The Cloven Hoof magazine for Church of Satan

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Set; https://xeper.org//; https://xeper.org//maquino/nm/COS.pdf;