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Michael Howard

England 1948 - 2015

Comments: The Luciferian Craft; Rosicrucian; Wicca; Ceremonial Magick; 'Sabbatic Craft'; Runes ;

Teachers: Johannes Bureus; Madeline Montalban; Gerald Gardner; Andrew D. Chumbley; George Pickingill; Roland Dionys Josse; Robert Cochrane; Doreen Valiente; Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki; Charles Cardell; Charles Leland; Margaret Murray; Janet and Stewart Farrar; Alexander Sanders and Maxine Sanders;

Students: Christopher Bamford; William Parker Marsh; Nigel Jackson; Shani Oates, author of Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain & Tubelo's Green Fire - Mythos, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Cain; 

Friends: T. C. Lethbridge aka Thomas Charles Lethbridge (1901-1971); E. W. Bill Liddell (aka Lugh); Paul Huson;

Fellow Researchers / Competitors: Ralph Blum, author of The New Book Of Runes (see http://darkbooks.org/collection/Ralph-Blum.html ) ; Dr. Stephen Flowers AKA Edred Thorsson; Evan John Jones 1966-1998; Tamara Bourkoun; Paul Huson;

Organizations: Cultus Sabbati;

Author: article - THE OCCULT WAR:Secret Agents, Magicians and Hitler; The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies--Their Influence and Power in World History, 1989; Modern Wicca: A History From Gerald Gardner to the Present, 2010; Secret Societies: Their Influence and Power from Antiquity to the Present Day, 2007; Runes and Other Magical Alphabets, 1987; Candle burning: its occult significance , 1980; Angels And Goddesses: Celtic Christianity & Paganism in Ancient Britain, 2001; Traditional Folk Remedies: A Comprehensive Herbal by Howard , 1987; The Book of Fallen Angels 2014; The Pillars of Tubal-Cain with Nigel Jackson; Children of Cain, A Study of Modern Traditional Witches, , 2011 may be a revised edition of Modern Wicca: A History From Gerald Gardner to the Present, 2010 or The Pillars of Tubal-Cain with Nigel Jackson; Scottish Witches & Warlocks , 2013; By Moonlight and Spirit Flight, 2013; Liber Nox: A Traditional Witch's Gramarye, 2014; The Luminous Stone - Lucifer in the Western Tradition, (ed) Michael Howard & Daniel A. Schulke, 2016;  the Cauldron magazine; By Moonlight and Spirit Flight; Hands of Apostasy - Essays on Traditional Witchcraft (ed) with Daniel A. Schulke ;

Resources: http://www.the-cauldron.org.uk/Resources/Occult%20War.pdf;