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Michael Sendivogius AKA Michał Sędziwój AKA "Heliocantharus Borealis" AKA "Glorifier of the Northern Sun" AKA his Name hidden in the motto "Divi Leschi Genus Amo" AKA IOACHIMUS D'ESTINGUEL is a perfect anagram of MICHAEL SENDIVOGIUS;

Poland 1566 – 1636

Comments: Alchemy; Medical doctor; designer of metal mines and foundries; discovered Oxygen in air; Rosicrucian; possessed the White Tincture, to turn metals into Silver; knew Michael Maier personally, 1608;

Teachers: Johannes Valentinus Andreae; Paracelsus; Cornelius Agrippa; Dr. John Dee ; Edward Kelly; Bavor Rodovsky of Hustirany (1526-c.1600); Joachim Tancke (1557-1609); Simon Studion; John Amos Comenius; Samuel Hartlib; Diogenes the "cosmopolitan"; Philip a Gabella, author of Consideratio Brevis; Jakob Bohme; Raphael Eglinus; Johann Hartmann; Hermes Trismegistus; [[Raymond Lull; Johann Rudolph Glauber, author of Novum lumen chymicum & The works of the highly experienced and famous chymist, John Rudolph Glauber - containing, great variety of choice secrets in medicine and alchymy in the working of metallick mines, and the separation of metals : also, various cheap and easie ways of making salt-petre, and improving of barren-land, and the fruits of the earth - together with many other things very profitable for all the lovers of art and industry, 1689;; Geber aka Gerber; Roger Bacon; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Bonus Zacharias; Bernardus Trevisanus; "Pagetins", perhaps

Students: Thomas Vaughan; Ebenezer Sibly; Johann Tholde who was likely Basil Valentine or Valentinus; Isaac Newton; Rafal T. Prinke ; Zbigniew Szydlo; Andreas Goldmayer; Dame Frances Yates; A.E. Waite; Michael Christopher Sendivogius, son; Charles Mackay, author Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds , 3 vols, 1841 ; Pierre Borel ; Jean de la Blanque; Adrian Pauli; Simon Batkowski may also be "Brodowski", Sendivogius Steward; Julius Sperber; Jacques Nuysement; Michael Maier; Christian of Anhalt ; Joachim Morsius; Konrad Schuler; Johann Harprecht AKA "Filius Sendivogii" ; Karl Schmieder ; Robert Amadou; Joachim Morsius ; Johann Bringer of Frankfurt ; Andreas Hunefeldt of Danzig/Gdansk; Lazarus Zetzner of Strasbourg; Johann Ortelius; John Jonston (1603-1675); Jan Borawski; Henricus Neuhusius; Jarosz Hieronim Moskorzowski; Thomas Seget; Raphael Eglin; Benedict Hilarion ; Otakar Odlozilik; Bogna Wernichowska; Maciej Kozlowski; Zbigniew Szydlo, author of Water Which Does Not Wet the Hands - The Alchemy of Michael Sendivogius; Patrick J. Smith;

Friends: King Stefan Batory; Rudolf II of Prague; King Sigismund III Vasa ; Nicholas Wolski (1553-1630); Alexander Seton, Scottish alchemist; Duke Frederick of Wurttemberg; Hieronimus Scotus ; Johann Theodore de Bry, Rosicrucian publisher; Carolides of Karlsperk, poet; Bartholomew Paprocki, poet; Veronica Stiberin; Joannes Chorinsky; Dr. Nicholas Lev of Lovenstejn; Ludwig Koralek; King Sigismund III Vasa; King Vladislaus IV Vasa; Frederick V of Palatine; Bartholomew Schachmann; John Bodowskim; Andreas Hunefeldt; Albrecht Laski; George Mniszech, Palatine of Sandomierz; Villem of Rozemberk; maybe Heinrich Khunrath; Dr. Oswald Croll (1580-1609); Briquius, publisher; Robert Turner; Ludwig Combach; Frederick of Wurttemberg ; Landgrave Maurice of Hesse; John Dury; Rafal Leszczynski; Prince Janusz Radziwill; Daniel Naborowski; Cyprian Kinner; Szymon Szymonowic (AKA Simon Simonides); Martin Ruarus ; Samuel Przypkowski; John Brozek (1585-1652);

Enemies; Hans Heinrich Muhlenfels,German alchemist, who robbed him; Dr. Picus Zawadzki, dueled over Paracelsus; Andrea Libavius; Philip Ziegler AKA King of Rosicrucians in England;

Organizations: Rosicrucians; Society of Unknown Philosophers AKA Society of Unknown Philosophers of Cabala ("novo Cabalae Philosophorum Incognuorum dignissimo Sodali") in France;

Author: "A New Light of Alchemy" AKA Twelve Treatises on the Philosophers' Stone (later known as Novum Lumen Chymicum AKA A New Light of Alchymie), 1605 ; The Alchemical Letters of Michael Sendivogius to the Rosicrucian Society; may be Philosophical Letters, 1616; Treatise on Sulphur (1613); Harmonia; Parable or Enigma of the Sages; Letters of Michael Sendivogius to the Rosey Crucian Society; Statuts des Philosophes inconnus , published posthumously 1691; Apographum Epistolarum Michaelis Sendivogii seu J.J.D.J. ("Jean Joachim Destinguel d'Ingrofont") Cosmopolitae vulgo dicti ; collected volumes called Tripus Chymicus Sendivogianus; Michaelis Sendivogi Poloni Lumen Chymicum Novum with a commentary by Johann Ortelius published later; A new light of alchymy : taken out of the fountain of nature and manual experience : to which is added a treatise of sulphur / written by Micheel Sandivogius, i.e. anagrammatically, Divi Leschi genus amo ; also nine books of the nature of things, written by Paracelsus, viz. of the generations, growths, conservations, life, death, renewing, transformation, separation, signatures of natural things ; also a chymical dictionary explaining hard places and words met withal in the writings of Paracelsus, and other obscure authors  ; Letter of Michael Sendivogius to the Roseycrusian (aka Rosicrucian) Society...found in an old manuscript by Ebenezer Sibly M.D., 1791, addressed to a "Companion of the Society of Unknown Philosophers"; Chymische Schrifften, 1718; reatise of Mercury ; Treatise of Sulphur;

Quotes: "Faciat hoc quispiam alius quod fecit Sendivogius Polonus" (Let any other do what Sendivogius the Pole has done.) inscribed on the wall of the Laboratory in which he performed Silver transmutations; "If you ask who I am: I am Cosmopolita, citizen of the world" ; "Angelus Doce Mihi Jus" (Angel, teach me the law); Saturn Himself must water the earth If it, dear sun and moon, Shall bear your beautiful flowers; Water which does not wet hands; “There is in air an occult bread of life, the congealed spirit of which is better than all the earth aka the universa terra";

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