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Rabbi Moses de Leon aka Moshe ben Shem-Tov (משה בן שם-טוב די-ליאון) aka the Ben Shem-Tob aka the Man of the Name

Spain 1250 – 1305 CE

Comments: was deliberately mysterious, releasing the "translation" a few pages at a time, perhaps for commercial motives; Qabalist; Rabbi; shem ha-kotev aka magic of the divine name; The Shofar, or Ram's horn, contains all the NAMEs and prayers of the year to come, all jumbled at once, like at the Tower of Babylon; Isaac of Acre's diary records that his Widow claimed Moses wrote rather than copied an ancient text, claiming it was by an ancient sage to make it more honored & valuable, but he never spoke to her personally; Astrology and Torah dictate "Shmittot & Yovelim", or cosmic cycles of 7,000 and 49,000 years; anti-QBLH for the public, against publication;

Teachers: Shimon bar Yochai aka Rabbi Simeon ; his son El’azar aka Rabbi Eleazar aka Rabbi Eliezer the Great, (@150, if not a myth); Rabbi Judah; Rabbi Jose ; Judah ben Gerimfather; Shem-Tov de Leon, father; Meir ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia; Rabbi Akiva; Rabbi Abraham Abulafia; Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Ha-Kohen, author of the Treatise on the Left Emanation; Solomon ibn Gabirol; Yehuda Halevi; Maimonides; Levi ben Todros Abulafia aka Todros ha-Levi Abulafia aka Ṭodros ben Yosef ha-Leṿi Abulʻafyah (aka Abulafia), author of Shaʻar ha-razim & ‘Otzar ha-Kavod, @1220-1298; Plotinus; Eliezer ben Hyrkanus, “author” of / character in “Pirke aka Pesikta Rabbi Eliezer, Mishnah ha-Neelum; Aristotle;

Students: Moses ben Jacob Cordovero, commented on his Zohar; Eliphas Levi; Menachem Azaria; Naphtali Herz ben Jacob Elhanan; Guillaume Postel, 1st Latin translation; Gershom Scholem in modern times; Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL; Rabbi Isaac of Acre; Rabbi Isaac Meyer; Avishai Bar-Asher; Michal Oron; Isaac Luria; Rabbi Chaim Vital;Yosef Karo aka Joseph Karo ; Rabbi Philip Berg (RIP 2013) and the Berg Kabalah family ; Henry Corbin ; Sabbatai Zevi aka Shabbetai Tzevi; Johann Reuchlin; Ægidius of Viterbo; Baruch of Benevento ; Johann Albrecht ; Madame Blavatsky; Isaac ibn Sahula, 1281; Sa'adya Gaon; Johann Albrecht Widmannstetter; Elliot R. Wolfson; Asi Farber-Ginat; Daniel Abrams; Daniel Y. Harris; Menahem di Recanti aka Recinetum aka Recanati, 1250 - 1310; ; Jacob ben Chajim; Abraham Ibn Wakkar, 1290-1340, author of a manuscript Bodleian Library (Codex Laud. 119; described by Uri No. 384); Todros Ha-Levi Abulafia ; Abraham b. Isaac of Granada, author of The Covenant of Peace, 1391-1409; Shem Tob Ibn Shem Tob, author of Book of Faithfulness @ 1430 & Brit Menucha aka Covenant of Rest; Moses Botarel aka Botarelo; Maestro Juan; Jehudah Chajath, author of The Divine Order, @ 1493; Abraham Ibn Sabba of Lisbon, author The Bundle of Myrrh, @1499; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; Raymond Lull aka Raymond Lully; Rabbi Jochanan Aleman of Constantinople ; Isaac ben Immanuel de Lates, the Rabbi of Pesaro; Joseph Chamiz; Joseph de Voisin; Athanasius Kircher; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Rabbi Meier Stern, his teacher; Abraham Cohen de Herrera; Isaac of Acre aka Yitzaq of Acre, author of Me'irat 'Einayyim; ReMe'Z aka Moses ben Mordecai Zacuto, 1625 – 1697;

Friends : Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla, unclear who influenced whom; Todros HaLevi Abulafia;

Enemies: Shmuel David Luzzato, the Shadal, author of Sefer HaVikuach Al Hachmas HaKabblah; Eliyahu Benamozeh; Elia del Medigo; Leon of Modena, author of History of the Rites, Customs and Manners of the Jews,1640; Joseph Solomon del Medigo, 1591- 1637 ; Rabbi Serach;

Similar - Diwan Muhiy al-Din Ibn al-'Arabi;


Author: Book of the Rational Soul; Sefer ha-Rimon aka Sepher ha-Rimmon aka The Book of Pomegranates (a symbol of Plenty), 1287;, 1287; probably the Zohar, or he at least complied and annotated it; Ha-Nefesh ha-Hakhamah, aka Ha-Mishqal, 1608; Sefer ha-Shem aka Sepher ha-Sham aka ‏ספר השם‎ aka "The Name of God," aka "The Name"; ; Shekel ha-Kodesh aka Sefer Sheqel ha-Qodesh, 1292; Commentary to Ezekiel's Chariot; The Zohar aka Midrash de Rabban Shimon bar Yochai; Shushan Eduth aka Shoshan Edut aka The Lily or Rose of Testimony, 1286; Ben David; Mishkan ha-Edut aka Mishkan ha-'Eduth aka Sefer ha-Sodot, 1293, last work; 'Or Zaru 'a; Qabalistic Responsa aka She'elot v-Teshuvot be 'Inyenei Qabalah; Perush ha-Sefiroth;

Quotes – “I found myself constrained to write and to conceal and to ponder, in order to reveal it to all thinking men”; It would be a meritorious deed to bring out to the Light what was in the Dark; “Man who is in this world is here only by the association of the three elements which are one. They are: the rational soul, the Vital soul and the sensitive soul. It is only by union of these three forces that man is made perfect. It is thanks to this mysterious unity manifested in him that he becomes the reflection of that which is above, that is: the real image of God”; “All that which is found upon the earth has its spiritual counterpart on High, and there does not exist the smallest thing in the world which is not itself attached to something on High and is not found in dependence on it. . . . All that which is contained in the Lower World is also found in the Upper. The Lower and the Upper reciprocally act upon each other”;

Resources: ; ; Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem; - ; ; ; ; ;