Nathan of Gaza

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Nathan of Gaza aka Nathan Benjamin ben Elisha HaLevi Ghazzati aka Nathan Ashkenazi aka נתן העזתי‎‎ aka Nathan Benjamin Levi aka Abraham Nathan ben Elisha Hayyim Ashkenazi aka Rabbi Nathan Ashkenazi of Gaza aka Buzina Kaddisha aka The Holy Lamp aka Abraham Nathan

Israel 1643 – 1680

Comments: Rabbi; Qabalist; sort of an “Elijah” or “John the Baptist” figure for the Sabbatean movement, had visions of a coming Messiah and “assisted” Sabbatai Zevi to fill that role; Sometimes teacher, sometimes psychiatrist, sometimes motivational coach for the manic – depressive Messiah, and apologist (ie: made excuses for) the stranger, more shocking incidents of Antinomianism; Like with Jesus, argued the “Old Laws” no longer relevant; It is possible to dive into Sin for Good purposes, to rescue the LIGHT trapped in the dark Sitra Ahra aka the Obverse Side of the Tree; has some Gnostic or Neoplatonism elements, like "Nahash" aka serpent & "Mashiah" aka Messiah both = 358; began his study of QBLH in 1664; Divine revelations in 1665;

Teachers: his “guidance of Sabbatai Zevi created a Messianic Movement, he was Teacher/ Manager/ Guide/ Disciple of the Sabbatean Prophet; Isaac Luria; somewhat Moses de Leon; The RIF aka Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Ha-Kohen aka Isaac Alfasi; Joseph Ibn Tabul; Giordano Bruno ; Baruch Spinoza; Diwan Muhiy al-Din Ibn al-'Arabi; father Elisha Ḥayyim b. Jacob Ashkenazi; Shimon bar Yochai aka The Yoshi; Jacob Ḥagiz; Solomon Molcho aka Diego Pires;

Students: the RaMCHaL aka Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto; Gershom Scholem ; M. Horschetzky; Evgueni Tortchinov; Avraham Elqayam; Joseph Dan; Michael Lowy; Devorah Dimant; Cecil Roth; Jedidiah Gabbai; Abraham Gabbai; Menasseh Ben Israel; ‎Matt Goldish; Moses Pinheiro of Livorno; Abraham Miguel Cardozo, 1626-1706;

Friends: Dr. Abraham Miguel Cardozo aka Rabbi Cardoso aka "Messiah ben Ephraim" aka “Abraham’’, author of Boḳer Abraham aka the Dawn of Abraham , (1626-1706); Jacob Frank; Abraham ha-Yakini; Abraham Gediliah;

Enemies: Grand Vizier Ahmed Koprulu; Isaiah Tishby; Jacob Hagiz;


Author: Derush ha-Tanninim aka a “Treatise on Dragons; Zemir Aritzi'm aka the "Overthrow of the Enemy Forces", 1670 ; The Holy Lamp, @ 1643 – 1680 ; Sefer ha-Beriah aka the Book of Creation, 1670; Hadrat Kodesh aka On Genesis, 1735; its sequel Ozar Nehmad , 1738; not likely the author of Hemdat Yamim aka Sefer Ḥemdat yamim : Peri 'EtzHadar aka Peri ʻets hadar ; seder ṿe-limud Ṭu bi-Shevaṭ leha-Rav baʻal Ḥemdat yamim ... u-tefilot Shabat Sheḳalim ṿe-Shabat Zakhor, 1753; Tiqqun Qeri'ah, 1666; Be-ʻiḳvot mashiaḥ Josef meḳorot me-reshit hitpatḥut ha-emunah ha-Shabtaʼit; collected in Be'Iqvoth Mashiah, 1944; derashot le-shabatot ule-mo'adim, sometime attributed to him;

Quotes: He that is the messiah will restore to holiness his qellipah aka shell aka Qlipoth, which is Jesus Christ; A person who busies themself with matters pertaining to AMIRAH aka Sabbatai Zevi, even by only telling stories [about him], is considered like one who studies the mysteries of the Merkabah aka The Chariot of GOD form of Mysticism;

Resources: Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem;; ; Read him translated & some interpretation here -;;; very useful;