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Nema AKA Maggie Ingalls AKA Priestess of MAAT AKA Andahadna

America @ 1960 - present ?

Comments: priestess of MAAT, Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Judgement; guiding force of The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick; Thelemite; Typhonian focus; One of the New Magickal Revival practitioners of the 1970s, declared the Aeon of Maat in Ohio in 1976; ; Grove of the Star & the Snake founded by Soror Nema ; These Thelemic Magicians developed the Double Current 93/696; awesome Priestess in the 80s, still active in 2013!; Did not just repeat the Magick of the past, but built upon it as the YOUNG Aleister Crowley or "Uncle AL" suggested in "Every Man and Woman is a Star" rather than slavishly repeat the Wisdom of the great adepts of the Past, as The Old Crow seemed to encourage his students to follow his example religiously;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Kenneth Grant; Jack Parsons; Robert Anton Wilson; Austin Osman Spare; Dr. Timothy Leary; H. P. Lovecraft; Sir E. A. Wallis Budge; Michael Bertiaux;

Students: Donald Michael Kraig; Loki Fenris; Zossian; Nodens (not Kenneth Grant, as sometimes thought); Selene; Steven Greenwood AKA Randolf Carter; Mike Ingalls, husband AKA Lyrus; Jesse Lindsay; Marc Magisana; Frater AOM ; Shade Oroboros 817; Babaabba-Holy Chosen One; Orryelle; Thomas Voxfire; Qadathion; Chris Anthony Wills; Hermeticusnath; Mike Browning AKA Frater AHA; Claudio Carvalho; Ron Adamas AKA Fr Sabaechit; Sophia Devi ; Timm Bielic ; N'Aton Bindrune; Tony Dougan ; Christian Collins ; Sean Scullion ; Frater Elyos; Ariel; Avery Goodman ; Pashupati Chivaji ; Harold Arthur McNeill; Paul Holman; Paul N Khoury; James Hastings ;Alzm; Albion Lilly; Stafford Stone ; Taylor Ellwood; Paradigm 5894; Orryelle; Wizardiaoan  ; Ilaktra Drugvant; Jim Garrison; Hyaena Reich; TheJuanKurse; Paul and Tora; Justin Ratpick Moore  ; Katherine Sutherland; Harold MacNeil; Phil Cloney; Tony Dougan; Spears of Shiva; Xul Lunar; Hermeticusnath ; Taz; Claudio Carvalho ; R.L.Seitz; Taylor Ellwood ; Anibis; Denny Sargent ; Victor Adamanteus Theon; Albion James Lilly AKA Frater T.’.147; Frater Funkadelica 0 = 2; Frater Adamas; Payam Nabaraz; John Power; Kaulananda ; Blue  ; Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule ; James Jones; Rachel Hochard; Ljubo Divljak ; Ibisis ; Q; Rodger D. Ware; Charlotte Rodgers; Papa Nick; Tristram Burden; Nabaraz; Russell Kaye; William Small ; Soror Lamed; Mogg Morgan; Frater W.I.T.; Liltawen AKA Stephen Montalvo; Shade Vedhrfolnir ; Bob Makransky ; Blackearthfire; N.M Sodergrann; Frater Altima; Natarajanath; Mermaid; Liz Phillips ; Inominandum ; Acrylic; Jason Louv; Noctua; Adam Smietana; James Curcio; John Power; Alexander Nym; AzA ; Andre Consciencia; Muom AKA Nemus; Shivanath; Soror Het Hery ; Justin Patrick Moore; Nabarz  ; Jillian Blume AKA Noctua; Frater Uranus  ; Lupa ; Satin Mabus; I Am Star ; Evan 111 Flux  ; Rev. Afh; Daniel Anthony Niehaus ; Ilaktra Drugvant X  ; Frater Pantherion  ; Tristram Burden ; Nicholaj Frisvold; Andrieh Vitimus; kunzang shenpen AKA marik; Zehm Aloim  ; Myrth; Sandon ; Alex Caird ; Brian Callahan ; Gendler  ; Grandfather Paradox  ; Leon Lashtal ;Bark Bell; Elsewhere  ; Companion Abraxas  ; Daniel Niehaus  ;HEQmedia ; Animapurasit ; Frater Say Cay Waz Kay 311 ;Mark Bell; Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath ; Rahunath ; Diana Walker ; J. Eichenbaum ; Magus Phoenix ; Gydja ; Bjorn Karlson ; Nathan Bjorge; Xeper; Frater Sandalphon ; Bob Hankins ; Ibisis ;Kunzang Shenpen ; BNNHKDSH ; Liltawen Kalome ; Gurudev Mahendranath ; Dr. Nicholaj Frisvold ; Alex Martin; Sam Adkins ; Solarchild ; Tabs ; Kalkinath ; Tahuti ; Frater Juno ; Sunwolf ; Alexander en gerda ; Xephyr ; Michael Ford ; Michael Riddick ; Agent139; Akhenseti ; Tacere ; Frater Corvus ; Alistair  ; Frater Sandan 814 ; Irradiatusnath ; Soror VaShHa ; Frater Omnia Redementur ; Sr. Ibis; Fr. Raven ; PGHAD; Satananda; Tzeenj ; Hermeticus Nath ; 777Llee Heflin ; Vajranatha ; Rey De Lupos ; Jeroen Hoogeweij ; Coley G*** ; Michael Aquino ; Don Webb; Victor Voronov ; Eva Kingsepp; Alexander Winfield Dray, author of Nox Infernus, the Book of Black Amber; Lucas Pandolfelli; J. Gordon Melton; Shade Oroboros 817;

Friends: Don Karr; Ray Sherwin, Chaos Magician AKA "Thessalonius Loyola" ; Frater PVN AKA Alobar; FRATER ASHT-CHOZAR-SSARALU; Chuck Furnace, Stephen Mace;Jerry Cornelius; Mishlen Linden ;Benjamin Rowe; Louis Martinié 353 ; Sallie Ann Glassman AKA Mambo Chen; Rachel Levin; Ian Corrigan; Purusas 252; Samekh 277; Frater Cusro 375; Allen Holub; Alden W. Cole; Mary Faith Colon; Rafal T. Prinke; Mishlen; A.C, Evans; Mark Krubsack; Frater AIO-N 131; Norman Kaeseberg; Frederick MacLaurin Adams; Soror Tanith; Delphine; S.M.Ch.H 353; Akoko; Lon Milo DuQuette; Phil Hine; Andrew D. Chumbley; Sean Woodward ; Zendiq ; Lucas Martel; George C. Smith;


Organization: Temple of MAAT, Typhonian OTO; Maatian Thelemicist (or Thelemite) group, OAI (Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum, active 1979-83); Grove of the Star & the Snake; The Horus/Maat Lodge; Bate Cabal;

Author: Feather and Firesnake : The Maat of Kundalini; Maatian Meditations and Considerations; “Beauty,” in Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Volume I, Issue 5; The Consecration-Dedication Rite in Silverstar: A Journal of New Magick, Issue 5 (Spring Equinox 2006); Liber Pennae Praenumbra; the Work of the Tower of Silence and the Vulture; BETA: A Comment on Communications from the Aeon of Maat; Song for Babalon.; Feast of the Hive; Silverstar magazine; The Book of Going Back By Night, with Orryelle, a 22 copy edition and a 444 pb, 2013; she either wrote or inspired the Liber Andana of the OTI AKA Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum; articles in Bloodlines. Selected Articles from Lifeforce, 1989 – 2002; Maat Magick, 1995; The Way of the Mystery - Magick, Mysticism and Self-Transcendence, 2003; The Vampire Bible with Lucas Martel aka Leo Martello & George C. Smith; (these with Lucas Martel aka Leo Martello, George C. Smith, etc) The Vampire Adept Bible; The Vampire Predator Bible; The Vampire Priesthood Bible; The Vampire Sorcery Bible; The Priesthood. Parameters and Responsibilities, 1985;

Quotes: More 3-D for the astral plane now!

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