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Nicholas Roerich aka Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh

Russia 1874 – 1947

Comments; Theosophical painter, anthropologist and philosopher ; created Agni Yoga, 1920 aka the Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of Life, the Teaching of Light, the Yoga of Creative Universal Fire; based on Raja Yoga; several nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize; Yoga and Indian mysticism; dispatched with soldiers to Soviet Siberia to look for drought-resistant grasses to transplant to the USA... or spy on the gulags;

Teachers: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Sergei Diaghilev; Igor Stravinsky, whose sets he designed; Ramakrishna; Swami Vivekananda; Rabindranath Tagore; Master Morya; Col. Henry Steel Olcott; William Q. Judge; Dr. Gottfried de Purucker, the Point Loma Theosophical Society; Annie Besant; Paracelsus; Hermes Trismegistus; Plato; Origen; Lao-tze; Confucius; Francia LaDue aka Master Hilarion;

Students: Vice-President Henry Wallace, Sec of Agriculture and geneticist; Vladimir Rosov ;Alexandre Andreyev; Andrei Znamenski; Ernst von Waldenfels; H. P. Lovecraft, who mentions him in At the Mountains of Madness; Gleb Drobychev ; Burt Wilson ; Mark and ; Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Ascended Masters) and (Church Universal and Triumphant); Ruth Abrams Drayer; George Roerich; Sina Lichtmann Fosdick; Mikhail Gorbachev; Svetoslav Roerich;

Friends: Maria Tenisheva, patroness; wife Helena; Maxim Gorky ; Aleksandr Benois; Leonid Andreyev; Thomas Beecham; Christmas Humphreys; H. G. Wells; Christian Brinton ; Mary Garden of the Chicago Opera; H. G. MacMillan ; James F. Stephens; Jawaharlal Nehru ; Indira Gandhi; Ernest Hemingway; Rockwell Kent; Charlie Chaplin; Emil Cooper; Serge Koussevitzky; Valeriy Ivanovich Tereshchenko; Robert Millikan ; Arthur Compton; President Franklin D. Roosevelt (at least interested);

Enemies: Westbrook Pegler, reporter; Charles Leadbeater; Alice Bailey; Esther Lichtmann;

Organizations: St. Petersburg University; Imperial Academy of Arts ; "World of Art" society; "Gorky Commission" aka the Arts Union (SDI); School of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of the Arts; Cor Ardens aka ("Flaming Heart") ; Corona Mundi; the Master Institute of United Arts; Nicholas Roerich Museum; American Agni Yoga Society; the Himalayan Research Institute; the Pax Cultura, aka the "Red Cross" of art and culture; American-Russian cultural Association (ARCA);

Author /Artist/ Diplomat: Leaves of Morya's Garden I (The Call) , 1924, but transmitted from 1920 to 1923; Leaves of Morya's Garden II (Illumination),1925, but transmitted May 1923 to June 1925 ; New Era Community (1926); Agni Yoga (1929); Infinity I & II, 1930 ; Hierarchy (1931); Heart (1932); Fiery World I (1931), II (1932) and III (1933); Aum (1936); Brotherhood (1937); Supermundane: The Inner Life I (1938), followed by II, II and IV (1941); The Roerich Pact, 1935, to protect Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historic Monuments against war; "Architectural Studies" (1904–1905); the Queen of Heaven fresco for the Church of the Holy Spirit; short stories and poems including the Flowers of Morya cycle, 1907 - 1921 ; "Violators of Art" , 1918 – 1919; paintings Alexander Nevsky; The Fight of Mstislav and Rededia and Boris and Gleb; see also his wife's work, The letters of Helena Roerich, the "Mother of Agni Yoga";

Resources:;;;;, the entire article is only available in print or by subscription, well worth it ;