Oliver Joseph Lodge

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Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge

England 1851 -1940

Comments: Christian Spiritualist; created wireless telegraphy; telepathy; Life After Death; Ghosts; retired to Stonehenge;

Teachers: James Clerk Maxwell; Edouard Branly; Eusapia Palladino, medium; Lenora Piper; Richard Hodgson; Margaret Verrall; Rev. M. A. Bayfield; Alfred Vout Peters ; Edward Moor; John Parkins; Johannes Trithemius; Dr. John Dee; Edward Kelly; Frederick Hockley; Emma Hardinge Britten; Ebenezer Sibly; Kardec; Johann Georg Faust;

Students: H. Stanley Redgrove; influenced Professor Enrico Morselli; Dr. Gustave Geley; Baron Dr. von Schrenck Notzing; Dr. Nandor Fodor; E. J. Dingwall; Dr. Kennth Ring; Dr. Shep Nuland ; Dennis Wheatley; Colin Wilson; Brad Steiger; Ed and Lorraine Warren, of "The Amityville Horror"; Zak Bagans; Bill Wilkens, of paranormalsocieties.com; Steven LaChance; Craig Piligian of "Ghost Hunters"; Jason Hawes, of the Atlantic Paranormal Society; Claudia Lee, of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations; John Zaffis; Noah Voss,of GetGhostGear.com; Miss M. T. Shelhamer aka Mrs. Mary Theresa Shelhamer Longley ; Penny Dutton Raffa; Francis H. Smith; William H. Burr; Jack Perry's ; Robert Neil Porter; Dr. William Jennings Bryan; Ernest H. Peckham; Charles Proth; Logie Barrow; Mark A. Barwise; Wm. Edward Biederwolf; Helen Duncan; Gena Brealey; Kay Hunter; O. A. Brownson; C. Samuel Campbell; E. Haldeman-Julius; Reverend Arthur Chambers; C. P. Christensen; W. J. Crawford; William Crooke; Alan E. Crossley; Georgina Brealey; Stuart Cumberland aka Charles Garner; Arthur Delroy; Shaw Desmond; Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer; J. W. Frings; Isaac K. Funk; Elizabeth Harlow Goetz; I. C. I. Evans; Father Johannes Greber; Edmund Gurney; Trevor H. Hall; Charles Hallock; C. Hammond; Cecil Henland; Moses Hull; James H. Hyslop; Shirley Carson Jenney; Arthur Keith; Edward T. Bennett; Arnold Bennett; G. K. Chesterton; Julian Huxley; Hilaire Belloc; Caroline D. Larsen; Stanley de Brath ; Percy Street; Irene Toye Warner; Nettie Colburn Maynard; Robert Dale Owen; J. B. Packard ; J. S. Loveland; Jack Perry ; Robert Neil Porter; Kathy Carole; John W. Ring; "Rita" aka Mrs. Desmond Humphreys; C. E. Bechhofer Roberts aka "Ephesian"; H. Scheuing; Hester Travers Smith; W. F. Barrett; Mary Bruce Wallace; Lionel A. Weatherly; J. N. Maskelyne; Stewart Edward White and wife Betty White; Dr. Michael Coleman; Isaac K. Funk, 1911; Fremont Rider;

Friends: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; George Bernard Shaw; Temistocle Calzecchi Onesti; George Francis FitzGerald; Mary Fanny Alexander Marshall , wife; Alexander Muirhead; Malcolm Guthrie ; Charles Richet; Gladys Osborne Leonard; Mrs. Cheves, who sent him a prophesied photo of his dead son from the War; Frederick Myers ; Edmund Gurney; Canon Barnes aka Ernest William Barnes FRS (1874 – 1953)

Enemies: Harry Houdini;

Organizations: The Royal Society, 1887; The Ghost Club; Society for Psychical Research; Fabian Society; professor of physics and mathematics at University College, Liverpool, 1881; President of the Liverpool Physical Society;

Author: The Work of Hertz and Some of His Successors, 1894; Electric Theory of Matter; Why I Believe in Personal Immortality, 1928; Phantom Walls, 1929; Beyond Physics, or The Idealization of Mechanism, aka Beyond Physics, or The Idealisation of Mechanism - Being a survey and attempted extension of Modern Physics in a Philosophical and Psychical Direction, 1930; The Reality of a Spiritual World, 1930; Conviction of Survival, 1930; preface to the Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science, 1933; Raymond, or Life and Death, 1916; Christopher: A Study in Human Personality, 1918; Raymond Revised, aka , Raymond Revised: A New and Abbreviated Edition of 'Raymond or Life and Death' with an Additional Chapter, 1922 1922; Ether and Reality, 1925; The Survival of Man, 1909; My Philosophy; Life and Matter: A Criticism of Professor Haeckel's "Riddle of the Universe" ,1905; Science and Human Progress (Halley Stewart Lectures, 1926), 1927;Making of Man: A Study in Evolution, 1924;Reason and Belief, 1911; Why I Believe in Personal Immortality, 1928;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Lodge ; http://www.spiritwritings.com/oliverjosephlodge.html ; http://www.fst.org/lodge.htm; listen here - http://librivox.org/pioneers-of-science-by-oliver-lodge/ ; on Near Death Experiences and Out Of Body States, see http://www.salon.com/2012/04/21/near_death_explained/; on The Ghost Club, see http://strangedaze.doomby.com/pages/the-everlasting-club.html ;