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The Order of Eri of Freemasonry was, the story goes, chartered by an American sea captain of Irish descent who gave Brother F.G. Irwin a charter and records for an ancient Irish branch of Freemasonry that worshiped ancient Kings of Erin (Ireland). The Sea Captain met Capt Irwin, who belonged to EVERY Masonic and quasi-Masonic fraternity available, while visiting Inhabitants Lodge # 178 in Gibralter, while Irwin was Worshipful Master in 1858. The Seaman claimed his family were of this ancient Irish tradition since 1757, but having fled to America, were concerned it might be lost. Worshipful Brother received two books, the Ritual and the Rules, which he worked on with W. B. John Yarker to create the English Revived Order of the Red Branch of Eri. The degrees confirmed were 1. Man-At-Arms, 2. Esquire and 3. Knight (of Eri).

Not only did a Man have to be a Freemason, a Master Mason, he also has to have achieved at least the 5th Grade in the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, SRIA.

Two Chapters are said to have still been in existence in the 1970s, one in London and one in Australia.

Resources: Beyond the Craft by Keith B. Jackson, purchased in Scotland, 1980s.