Order of the African Architects

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Order of the African Architects aka Afrikansche Bauherren

Germany 1756 - 1767

Masonic Rite, present in specialty Lodges in Germany and France, which stressed intellectual achievement over wealth and position. They had several different incarnations, and did not interact with the Grand Lodges of their jurisdictions, nor were they under it's control.Patronized by Frederick II of Prussia, they studied history, chivalry,Alchemy and Christianity. Karl Friedrich von Koppen, 1734-1797 and Bernhard Hymann, 1731-1787, both authors of Crata Repos aka the Crata Repoa aka the Highest Degree Of Egyptian Initiation theorized Noah’s son Ham was the 1st Grand Master, who is also Menes (aka Mani), the post Zoroaster Gnostic leader; This document influenced Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati.

The degree structure started with the 3 basic degrees of Freemasonry, 1. Entered Apprentice, 2. Fellowcraft and 3. Master Mason. The "Second Temple" degrees were 4. Architect (or Apprentice of Egyptian Secrets or Bosonien), 5. Initiate into Egyptian Secrets (or Alethophilote), 6. Cosmopolitan Brother, 7. Christian Philosopher, 8. Master of Egyptian Secrets, 9. Squire of the Order, 10. Soldier of the Order, 11. Knight of the Order.

An actual 11 step advancement in progressive degrees is unusual, unless the 11th step is managerial and or ceremonial. Since their sub-groups were called Chapters, they were likely influenced by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite which began in 1747 in France by Estienne Morin. There are 30 existing degrees in the Scottish Rite today, but the 1st 3 degrees of Freemasonry are a prerequisite to joining, making 33 degrees in all, the last of which is by acclaim only.

This and the Rite of Philadelphia were the forerunners of the Rite of Memphis and Misraim.

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