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Pamela Colman Smith AKA Corinne Pamela Colman Smith AKA Pixie aka Quod tibi id alliis (whatever you would have done to thee, do unto others), sometimes mis-spelled Pamela Coleman Smith, even by Waite!

England / America 1878 – 1951

Comments: Painter ; illustrated the most popular Tarot deck, the Smith - Waite Deck; she painted female friends into the deck, actresses Ellen Terry is the Queen of Wands and Florence Farr is the World; Symbolist art;Through Gillette's side, Elisabeth Daggett Hooker (1813-1893), Pamela was related to one of CT's Founding Fathers, Rev. Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut, 1586, whose statues are located throughout Hartford; cousin of actor William Gillette, and many of her paintings are at his Castle in CT; Synaesthesia of Music as Paintings; suffragette; converted to Catholicism, 1911; ; "Pixie Appreciation day" in Connecticut, 8/5/2015, ...Ashmoleans Assemble !;

Teachers: William Robert Woodman; William Wynn Westcott; S. L. MacGregor Mathers; Moina Mathers; A.E. Waite; Arthur Wesley Dow, artist; Ellen Terry, actress; Henry Irving; Bram Stoker aka Uncle Brammy; George William Russell;

Students:Melinda Boyd Parsons , modern biographer; Chuck Furnace; Stuart Kaplan of U.S. Games;

Friends: Jack Yeats, artist and W.B. Yeats's brother; W.B. Yeats; Alfred Stieglitz, NY art dealer and photographer, partner to painter Georgia O'Keeffe; William Gillette, actor and Sherlock Holmes on stage, CT residence a castle; Christopher St John aka Christabel Marshall; Cecil French; AE aka George William Russell; Gordon Craig; Edith Craig, Ellen Terry's daughter and Pixies' BFF; Dorothy Ward; John Todhunter; Walter Crane; Willi Geiger ; Donald Shaw MacLaughlin;

Organizations: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1901; then Waite's the Independent and Rectified Rite of the Golden Dawn (or Holy Order of the Golden Dawn) 1904; The Lyceum Theatre; Suffrage Atelier, 1909; The Pioneer Players, 1911; Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY;

Author /Artist: The Illustrated Verses of William Butler W.B. Yeats; the Pictorial Key to the Tarot illustrations; illustrated Jamaican folklore, including Annancy Stories (1902) & Chim-Chim ; The Green Sheaf,magazine; "The Fairy Faith and Pictured Music of Pamela Colman Smith" article, 1912; illustrations for Ellen Terry's The Russian Ballet, 1913; illustrations for Eunice Fuller's The Book of Friendly Giants, 1914; illustrated Seamus MacManus' In Chimney Corners; illuistarion s for Bram Stoker's Lair of the White Worm;

Resources:;; ; see some of the painting at the Yale Art Gallery here - ;; ;; ; ;; one of her Synaesthesia pieces - ;; Stuart Kaplan, The Life and Art of Pamela Colman Smith, 2011;