Patricia Crowther

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Patricia Crowther AKA Patricia Dawson

England 1927 -

Comments: Wicca; British Witchcraft ;

Teachers: Arnold Crowther (1909-1974) , husband and High Priest to her Priestess in the Sheffield Coven, 1961; Gerald Gardner; Elizabeth (Tizzy) Machon, Grandmother; Madame Melba, Palmistry;

Students: Robert Hale ; Leo Martello; Justine Glass, author of Witchcraft, The Sixth Sense - And Us, 1965;

Friends: Eleanor Bone; Doreen Valiente;

Enemies: Jack Bracelin; Alexander Sanders;


Author: A Spell of Witchcraft, 1971; The Witches Speak (with Arnold Crowther), 1965 ; Witchcraft in Yorkshire, 1973; Witch Blood (The Diary of a Witch High Priestess) 1974; Lid off the Cauldron: A handbook for witches 1981; The Zodiac Experience , 1992 ; The Secrets of Ancient Witchcraft With the Witches' Tarot, 1992; Witches Were for Hanging, 1992 ;One Witch's World (Robert Hale) 1998 (published in America as High Priestess; From Stagecraft to Witchcraft: The Early years of a High Priestess,2002 ; "Covensense" (Robert Hale), 2009;