Paul Foster Case

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Paul Foster Case AKA Perservantia

America 1884 – 1954

Comments: perhaps the Master of Tarot; Qabalist; Sex magick; Rosicrucian; Freemason, Fairport Lodge No. 476, Fairport, NY;

Teachers: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; Moina Mathers; Claude Bragdon; William W. Atkinson AKA Ramacharaka; "Dr. Fludd" perhaps Dr. Robert Fludd; Dr. John William Brodie-Innes AKA Fr. Sub Spe; Lilli Geise; Arnold Harris Matthew; Bishop Charles Hampton in the Liberal Catholic Church ; "The Master Rococzy" (Rakoczy, Rákóczy or Rákóczi )" ; Comte de Saint-Germain; Jean-Marie Ragon de Bettignies; J. Augustus Knapp; Manly P. Hall;

Students: Chuck Furnace; X; Jerry Cornelius; R.Bert*; Elias Rubenstein; WB Justin D*****; Daphna Moore; Pat Zalewski; Tony DeLuce;

Friends: Rudyard Kipling; Michael James Whitty editor of Azoth ; Dr Francis Israel Regardie ,correspondence from the early 50s; William W. Atkinson; Mabel Collins;

Enemies: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; Moina Mathers eventually

Organizations: B.O.T.A AKA Builders of the Adytum, school of tarot divination and Qabalah; School of Ageless Wisdom; Thoth-Hermes Lodge of the Alpha et Omega, MacGregor Mathers' group after the Golden Dawn broke up; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Liberal Catholic Church; inspired The Fraternitas Lux Occulta (The Brotherhood of Hidden Light) (FLO);

Author: The Kybalion (with Atkinson & 1 other); "The Secret Doctrine of the Tarot; True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order; The Book of Tokens (1934) ; The Great Seal of the United States (1935) ; Daniel, Master of Magicians; The Masonic Letter G ; The Tarot (may be the same as An Introduction to the Study of Tarot, 1920 or The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages , 1947); The Life Power; The Early Writings Vol I Occult Fundamentals Spiritual Unfoldment; The Early Writings Vol I Esoteric Secrets Of Meditation Magic; Oracle of the Tarot lecture series; The NAME of Names; Correlation of Sound and Color, 1931; Esoteric Keys of Alchemy, 1932; Seven Steps In Practical Occultism Lessons 1 - 7 ( Set of 7 Booklets ), 1938, reprinted 1970 ;

Resources:; ; read him here - ; The 1st year of BOTA lessons are great, subsequent years have diminishing return, written after Case's death; listen to The Three Initiates here - ; ;;