Paulos Metamon

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Paulos Metamon AKA "the shayk of the magicians" AKA MASTER M. AKA Serapis Bey AKA John King ? AKA Hillarion?


Comments: mysterious Copt magician (Egyptian Christian) encountered by two different pioneers of Esoterica, leading him to influence Blavatsky's Theosophical Society and Max Theon's Philosophy Cosmique; introduced Madame Blavatsky to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, which she soon dislikes, especially as it drew student interested in more practical Occultism away from the Theosophical Society. She instituted the Esoteric Branch to combat this trend, but it was still pretty tame compared to the Golden Dawn and The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor;


Students: Max Theon; H.P. Blavatsky; Henry Steel Olcott; A.P. Sinnett; Annie Besant; Wiliam Eddy & Horatio Eddy; Albert Rawson; Mabel Collins;

Organizations: "Temple of Luxor" in "Egypt";

Author: no books exist, but created the sevenfold cosmology of Ismailism common to both Max Theon and Blavatsky;

Resources:; self portrait;;;