Peter Caddy

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Peter Caddy

England 1917 - 1994

Comments: organic gardening; chanting to plants; elementals;

Teachers: Pythagoras; Democritus; Pliny the Elder AKA Gaius Plinius Secundus;; Ebenezer Sibly; Alice Bailey; George Alexander Sullivan; Gerald Gardner; George Washington Carver; Charles Darwin; George Washington; Frederick Hockley; Athanasius Kircher; Johann Wolfgang Goethe; John Tradescant the Younger; Elias Ashmole; Carl Linnaeus; Jean-Baptiste Lamarck; Alfred Russel Wallace; John George Hohman; David MacRitchie; Sheridan le Fanu; Arthur Conan Doyle; Andrew Lang;

Students: Sheena Govan; Eileen Caddy, wife; Sabina Magliocco; Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, authors of “The Secret Life of Plants", 1973; Cleve Backster, of the CIA; Daniel Chamovitz; Eric D. Brenner, plant molecular biologist; Stefano Mancuso, plant physiologist; František Baluška, cell biologist; Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh, plant biologist; Heidi Appel, chemical ecologist; Rick Karban, plant ecologist; Jack Schultz, chemical ecologist; Monica Gagliano, animal ecologist ; Anthony Trewavas; Tim Plowman, ethnobotanist; Andrew Adamatzky, director of the International Center of Unconventional Computing; Terence McKenna; BoneBlossom; Scott Cunningham; Michael Howard; Cat yronwode; Stephen Jay Gould;

Friends / Enemies/ Partners: Dorothy Maclean;

Enemies: or, disagree - Lincoln Taiz, plant physiology professor; Clifford Slayman, professor of cellular and molecular physiology at Yale; Fred Sack, botanist ;

Organizations: Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship; The First Rosicrucian Theatre in England; Findhorn Ecovillage;

Author: In Perfect Timing: Memoirs of a Man for the New Millennium ;

Resources:;; Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic by Dorothy G. Maclean; Flight into Freedom and Beyond: The Autobiography of the Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community by Eileen Caddy;;