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Peter Carroll AKA Peter J. Carroll AKA Stokastikos

England 1953 -present

Comments: Chaos magician; Thelemite; Ceremonial Magick;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Kenneth Grant; Jack Parsons; Robert Anton Wilson; Austin Osman Spare; Dr. Timothy Leary; H. P. Lovecraft; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; Frater Achad AKA Charles Stansfeld Jones;

Students: Adrian Savage; Matt Kaybryn; Paula Pagani; John L. Steadman, author of HP Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition, 2015; Peter Levenda, author of The Dark Lord – H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and The Typhonian Tradition in Magick, 2013 & Tantric Temples: Eros and Magic in Java; Jan Fries;

Fellow-Researchers: Nema; Ray Sherwin, Chaos Magician AKA "Thessalonius Loyola" ; Julian Wilde; Sallie Ann Glassman AKA Mambo Chen; Jerry Cornelius; Grady McMurtry AKA Hymenaeus Aplpha; Bill Heidrick; Nevill Drury; Francis King; Stephen Skinner; Lon Milo DuQuette; Michael Ripple; James Graeb (RIP 2012) ; James Wasserman; Stephen Mace; Chuck Furnace; Phil Hine; Andrew D. Chumbley;


Organizations: Theatre of Chaos; Illuminates of Thanateros; Maybe Logic Academy; Arcanorium Occult College;

Author: Liber Null (1978) and Psychonaut (1982) published privately and separately, but Liber Null & Psychonaut, 1987; "The Ice War"; articles in Chaos International magazine; Liber Kaos, 1992; PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick (1995); The Apophenion: A Chaos Magic Paradigm (2008) ; The Octavo: A Sorceror-Scientist's Grimoire (2010); Liber KKK AKA Kaos Keraunos Kyberneto; The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros ; Epoch. The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos [ Book and Deck ] with Matt Kaybryn, 2014; "Stokastikos"- { The Apophenion}: A Chaos Magic Paradigm;

Resources:;;; ; read him here -