Phil Hine

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Phil Hine AKA Philip M. Hine

England  ? - present

Comments: Chaos Magician; Thelemite, sort of;

Teachers: Hymenaeus Alpha AKA Grady McMurtry ; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; Aleister Crowley; Marcelo Ramos Motta; Hymenaeus Beta AKA William Breeze; Robert Anton Wilson : Lon Milo DuQuette; H. P. Lovecraft

Students: Adrian Savage;

Friends: Rodney Orpheus; Richard Kaczynski; James Wasserman; Lionel Snell; Jerry Cornelius; Stephen Mace; Chuck Furnace;

Author: Prime Chaos, 1993; Condensed Chaos, 1995; The Pseudonomicon 1996; editor, Chaos International; "Cthulhu Madness" in The Starry Wisdom; out of print -Walking Between The Worlds: Techniques of Modern Shamanism Vol.1 (1989); Two Worlds & Inbetween: Techniques of Modern Shamanism Vol. II (1989); Touched By Fire: Techniques of Modern Shamanism Vol. III (1990); Starry Wisdom (Collected essays from the Esoteric Order of Dagon, 1990; pamphlets,; contributed to Rebels & Devils, The Psychology of Liberation; PsyberMagick; Aspects Of Tantra; Aspects Of Evocation; Devotions And Demonesses; On Cursing; Oven Ready Chaos; Rites That Go Wrong


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