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England  ? - ?

Comments: Occult Researcher ; one of the 1st to bring the Occult Renaissance of the 70s to the people; More a scholar than a Practitioner, from the little publicly known ; drawn from original 1899 Golden Dawn manuscript rituals, and thus quite different to those of the Stella Matutina published by Israel Regardie;

Teachers: Israel Regardie


Fellow Researchers: Nevill Drury;Christopher McIntosh; Timothy d’Arch Smith; Stephen Skinner; Francis King; Ellic Howe; R.A. Gilbert; Lionel Snell; Margot Adler;



Author: The inner teachings of the Golden Dawn, 1969; The secret rituals of the Golden Dawn,1973;

Resources: http://www.amazon.com/R.-G.-Torrens/e/B001KICZJU; http://www.hermeticgoldendawn.org/flying-roll-introduction.html