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R. U. Sirius aka Are You Serious? aka Ken Goffman

America 1952 -present

Comments: Technomagus; prankster; Cosmic Love, LIGHT and Laughter from the West Coast;

Teachers: Robert Anton Wilson; Dr. Timothy Leary; Carlos Castaneda; Robert Temple; Wavey Gravey; Ken Kesey; Paul Krassner; Abby Hoffman; Stephen Gaskin; Br. John Fellows, author of An Exposition of the Mysteries - or Religious Dogmas and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, Pythagoreans and Druids, also an inquiry into the Origin, History and Purport of Freemasonry, 1835, on the Dog Star's significance;

Students: Bart Nagel, art director; Mark Frauenfelder; Carla Sinclair; Richard Kadrey; Gareth Branwyn; Jon Lebkowsky — Mondo 2000 helped develop what was to become the cyberpunk subculture. Writers included William Gibson, Cyberpunk’s Father; Nan C. Druid (aka Maerian Morris); Paco Nathan; Rudy Rucker, SF author; Bruce Sterling, SF cyberpunk author; Tiffany Lee Brown; Andrew Hultkrans; Mark Dery; Douglas Rushkoff; Mark Pesce; Chuck Furnace; Jeff Diehl; Lou Cabron;

Partners: Alison Bailey Kennedy, a.k.a. "Queen Mu" aka "Alison Wonderland" ; Jude Milhon a.k.a. St. Jude ;

Organizations: punk band Party Dogs , 1979 - 1981; Youth International Party aka YIPPIE!; the Maybe Logic Academy ;

Author/ Editor/ Guidance: High Frontiers, 1984; Mondo 2000, 1984; Reality Hackers, 1988 ; back to Mondo 2000 , 1989; Wired, 1993; Axcess magazine, 1998; GettingIt.com , 1999–2000,; H+ Magazine , 2008–2010 ; webzine 10 Zen Monkeys;

Similar: Art Kleps of The Boo Hoo Bible; Michael Peter Langevin’s Magical Blend: Oberon Otter Zell-Ravenheart and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart ’s Green Egg ; Paul Krassner’s The Realist; Ralph Metzner’s Millbrook newspaper; Ivan Stang of the Church of the Sub Genius aka Church of BOB;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondo_2000 ; https://archive.org/details/mondohistory ; Use Your Hallucinations: MONDO 2000 in the Late 20th Century Cybercultur, due in 2014;