Rainbow Darkly

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Rainbow Darkly AKA Barb B******

America 1962 - present

Teachers: Nature, animals, reptiles

Students: Chuck Furnace; Tracey; Mowgli; Sarah; Buddha;

Friends: LaFo***a; Ashbow; Cyth***a; Baila***o; Poseidon; Kirk White; Maureen Reddington-Wilde; Rusty AKA Geoff ; Geoff AKA GreenMan; Alexei Kondratiev; Black Lotus; Peregrin AKA Suzanne R*******; Judy Harrow; Alanus Bermaniae Rex and Prince Bobby of Bermania;

Organizations: Braided Wheel Coven; Ouroborous Isis Gnosis Coven (OBiG) ; The Star Lodge ; Covenant of the Goddess (COG); The Weavers; Church of the Sacred Earth (COSE); The October Gathering (P**T****);

Author: not a writer

Quotes: "Feel what you feel, say it so it is witnessed, but then do what you know is really best"

Comments: Wicca; qabalist; Middle Pillar; Sex magick; amazing channel for The Goddess ;

Resources: personal teachings