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Raphael Patai AKA Raphael Patai (Hebrew רפאל פטאי) AKA Ervin György Patai

Hungary / Israel /America 1910 − 1996

Comments: Shekhinah Goddess as part of the One True God; Alchemy; Qabalist; Jewish anthropologist and historian; Canaanite, Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian, Chaldean and Jewish mythologies; Goddess worship; Inanna in Sumer, Ishtar aka Asherah in Akkad, Anath in Canaan, Athena in Greece; the Shekhina or Malkuth aka Matronit aka The Queen aka The Bride in Judah and Israel ; Zionist - Palestinian conflict; Semetic identity as differentiated by Jews and Arabs;

Teachers: Elaine Pagels; Joseph Campbell; Margaret Murray; father József Patai, Zionist; Moses; Theodor Herzl; Abufalah ; Nicolas Flamel; Dr. Isaac of Holland AKA Isaac Hollandus; Pseudo Maimonides; Ibn SinaAvicenna; Chaim Vital; Sabbatai Zevi; Comte de Saint-Germain; Elias Ashmole; Julius Sperber; A.E. Waite; Otto Rank; Raymund De Tarrega; Salomon Trismosin; Maria, the Jewess; Arnold J. Toynbee; Oswald Spengler, historian; Geza Roheim @ 1953; Washington Irving, author of Mahomet ; Zosimos of Panopolis; the Ya'avetz aka Jacob Emden, 1697-1776; Maria the Jewess aka Maria Hebraea aka Maria Prophetissa, Egypt @ 200 CE; Joshua Trachtenberg, author of Jewish Magic and Superstition, 1939; Moritz Steinschneider; Heinrich Graetz, author of Die Geschichte der Juden; Dr. Johann Isaac Hollandus;

Students: BoneBlossom; Chuck Furnace; Robert Cochrane; Caroll Poke Runyon; Merlin Stone, Feminist; Victor D. Sanua, 1983; Yuval Harari, author of Jewish Magic before the Rise of Kabbalah ;

Friends: Naomi Tolkowsky, wife; Robert Graves; Albert Einstein @ 1950; Harry Starr;

Organizations: rabbinical seminaries at the University of Budapest & the University of Breslau; Palestine Institute of Folklore and Ethnology, 1944;

Author: The Hebrew Goddess, (1968); Hebrew myths: The Book of Genesis ,1964; Man and Temple in Ancient Jewish Myth and Ritual, 1947 ; Legend of Lilith; The Jewish Alchemists: A history and source book, 1994; Maria, the Jewess--Founding Mother of Alchemy, @ 1982; Sephardi Alchemists ; Solomon Trismosin (aka Salomon Trismosin) and his Jewish Master @ 1989 ; Gates to the Old City - A book of Jewish legends, 1988; Man and Temple in Ancient Jewish Myth and Ritual, 1947; Arab Folktales from Palestine and Israel, 1998; Sex and the Family in the Bible and the Middle East, 1959; Hebrew myths: The book of Genesis witrh Robert Graves ;The Messiah texts, 1979; The Children of Noah- Jewish seafaring in ancient times, 1998; Tents of Jacob: The Diaspora, Yesterday and Today, 1971; Jadåid al-Islām: The Jewish "new Muslims" of Meshhed, 1997; The Jewish Mind, 1973; The Arab Mind , 1973; The Jews of Hungary: History, culture, psychology, 1996; Thinkers and teachers of modern Judaism, with Emanuel S. Goldsmith, 1994; The Myth of the Jewish Race with daughter Jennifer Patai, 1989, Apprentice in Budapest: Memories of a world that is no more, 1988; Nahum Goldmann: His missions to the Gentiles, 1987; The Seed of Abraham: Jews and Arabs in contact and conflict , 1986; The Kingdom of Jordan, 1984; On Jewish folklore, 1983; Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria: An annotated bibliography, 1973; Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel, 1971; Essays in Zionist history and thought; Golden River to Golden Road: Society, culture, and change in the Middle East , 1967; Women in the modern world, 1967; The Kingdom of Jordan, 1958; added to his father's stories in Souls and Secrets: Hasidic stories; The Jews of Kurdistan with Erich Brauer; translated and annotated Ignaz Goldziher and his Oriental diary: A translation and psychological portrait; The vanished worlds of Jewry with Eugene Rosow & Vivian Kleiman; The Myth of the Jewish race with daughter Jennifer; Studies in Biblical and Jewish folklore with Francis Lee Utley & Dov Noy; Journeyman in Jerusalem: Memories and Letters 1933-1947, published posthumously; his letters and papers are in the collection at the NY Public Library; A Hebrew Version of the Book of Alum Salts aka Book of Alum and Salts; Conjuration of Demons; Flamel; Hebrew Education in the Marrano; Impotence of God: From Adam to Auschwitz; Jewish Folk Stories. Hebrew Demon Stories; A Christian View of Jewish Ritual; Jewish Heritage in America: The European Sephardi Legacy, 1992; Jewish Humor. A Survey and a Program; Jewish Mysticism ; Jews in A Gentile World ; Jews in the House of Islam; Love-Factor in a Hebrew-Arabic Conjuration; Male and Female in the Jewish God Concept, 1985; Mexican Indian Jews ; Millet System; Mivhar ha-sipur ha-Eretsyisreʼeli ,1938 ; Music of the Middle East,1949; My Seventeen Languages; Myths of the Universe, 1985; No Man is an Island; No Time for Tears or Facts; On Love and Death. Bedouin Stories, @ 1960; Oriental Jewish Children; Otto (aka Otto Rank) on Myth; Palestinians. Roots and Motives, 1982; Quran; Raymund de Tarrega - Marrano, Heretic and Alchemist; Riotous Moroccans, @ 1959; Ritual Approach to Hebrew-African Culture Contact, 1961; Sacred Rock of Jerusalem - The Navel of the Earth aka Shetiyya Stone - Navel of the Universe; Science of Man; Sephardi World View and the HasHalakha, 1974; Sephardim. Link Between East and West; Toynbee's (aka Arnold J. Toynbee) Dependence on Spengler; Views of Voodoo; What the Bible Can Teach Us about Aging; Who is a Jew?, 1985; Armilus-Antichrist-Dajjal, 1987; Lecture I - Polytheism and Yahwism, 1989; Yemenite Jews; Herzl's Wife, a Novel; translated his father's Essay on the Kabbala and Hasidism (in Hungarian only); Matronit: The Goddess of the Kabbala;

Quotes: "Myths are dramatic stories that form a sacred charter either authorizing the continuance of ancient institutions, customs, rites, and beliefs . . . or approving alterations"

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