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Ramon Lull AKA Raymond Lully AKA Raymond Lull, AKA Doctor Illuminatus AKA in Latin Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus or Lullius or Llull AKA Doctor Illuminatus

Morocco, Spain 1232 – 1315

Comments:Alchemy; Rosicrucian; one of the 1st European Qabalists, but thought he could use it to convert Jews to Christianity; 1st use of the Enneagram, 9 pointed figure integral in the Fourth Way. Although he advised the Pope that Muslims should be converted by prayer, not Crusade, 1308, was stoned to death by Muslims in 1314 for trying to convert them; created "volvelles", wheels with letters inside wheels with charts of numbers and other wheels with astrological signs, where the turning of these wheels could bring about a complete glance of Forces involved; no Tree of Life diagram, as they all seem very Centristic;

Teachers: Roger Bacon ;Arnoldus de Villa Nova, alchemist; Al-Kindi; Alhazen; -Rashba AKA Shlomo ben Aderet aka Solomon ben Abraham ibn Adret of Barcelona; Aaron ha-Levi of Barcelona, author of Sefer ha-Ḥinnukh;

Students: influenced Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz ; Giordano Bruno; Thomas Le Myésie; Charles Dickens, author; John Cremer, Abbot of Westminster; Robert Bruce, King of Scotland; Dr. Edmund Dickerson; Bernard de Lavinheta ;Arthur Dee, Sr. John Dee's son; G. I. Gurdjieff; Robert Fludd; Athanasius Kircher; Father Fabio Chigi aka Pope Alexander VII in 1655;Dr. Edmund Dickenson ; Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim; Abbe N. de Montfaucon De Villars; Antoine Court de Gébelin AKA Antoine Court aka Antoine, the Comte d' Gebelin; Isabella Cortese; Amador Vega, author of "Ramon Llull and the secret of life"; A.E. Waite, author of Raymond Lully- Illuminated Doctor, Alchemist, and Christian Mystic, 1922; Nicolas Antonio Hispalensis, 1617 - 1684; Lucas Jennis, compiler of Musaeum Hermeticum, 1625; anonymous author or collectore of the “Tractatus Aureus de Philosophorum Lapide” aka Golden Treatise on Philosophers Stone ; Lucas Wadding, 1568 - 1657; Daniel Georg Morhof, 1639 - 1691; Magister Menahem aka Magister Menaym Judaeus; Saracosa Samuel of Perpignan; Michael Maier, compiler of Tripus Aureus aka The Golden Tripod, containing "The Testiment of Cremer" once thought to be about Lull, but may be bout another Alchemist named Raymond II; Raphael Patai, author of The Jewish Alchemists; John Seger Weidenfeld aka Johannes Segerus Weidenfeld, author of Four books of Johannes Segerus Weidenfeld, concerning the secrets of adepts, or, Of the use of Lully's spirit of wine - a practical work - with very great study collected out of the ancient as well as modern fathers of adept philosophy, reconciled together, by comparing them one with another, otherwise disagreeing and in the newest method so aptly digested, that even young practitioners may be able to discern the counterfeit or sophistical preparations of animals, vegetables and minerals, whether for medicines or metals, from true and so avoid vagabond imposters, and imaginary processes, together with the ruine of estates, 1685 & "Annus Sophiæ jubilæus, The sophick constitution, or, The evil customs of the world reform'd"; Giano Lacinio, 1546; Petrus Bonus; Harvey Hames, author of Jewish Magic with a Christian Text - a Hebrew translation of "Ramon Llul's Ars Brevis", 1999;

Friends: Inquisitor Emangaudius of Barcelona; King John of Arragon;

Enemies: Shlomo ben Aderet aka Rabbi Shlomo ben Aderet of Barcelona; Moshe ben Shlomo of Salerno opposed his efforts to convert or expel the Jews; Inquisitor Nicolas Eymeric, 1320 - 1399;

Organizations: Catholic Church; Franciscan;

Author: Art Abreujada d'Atrobar Veritat (The Abbreviated Art of Finding Truth); Ars Magna 1275; Llibre de meravelles; The Book of the Lover and the Beloved; Liber de Lumine (The Book of Light); Liber Chaos (The Book of Chaos); Book of the Seven Planets; Llibre qui es de l'ordre de cavalleria (The Book of the Order of Chivalry written between 1279–1283); Vademecum, quo sontes Alchemica Art ; Of the Art of Transmuting Metals; "Rituals of the New World" ; de Secretis Naturea sive Quint Essentia aka The Secrets of the Fifth Essence of Nature, 1514; maybe as many as 488 individual works of various lengths on various subjects; Codicillus; Testamentum; Articuli Fidei; Ars Brevis; Libre del gentil e los tres savis, Liber de Trinitate et In carnatione adversus Judaeos et sarracenos aka Liber Predicationis Contra Judaeos; Ars Magna @ 1274;

attributed to him but not - The Sophic Water-Stone aka Water Carrier for the Wise aka Hydrolythus Sophicusseu Aquarius Sapientum; Gloria Mundi; 24 Experiments; The Newest Testament; On Mercury aka De Mercuriis, 1333; De Secr, 1319; Lighting up the Whole Testament, 1330; The Book of Nature and the Light of our Stone. 1337; The Book of the Preservation of Human Life and the the Fifth Essence, 1349; The Book addressed to the Most Serene Queen Eleanor, wife of the Most Serene King of the English, Edward, 1355; The Four Books of Angels and the Testimony of Experiments, 1357; The Abbreviated Work on the Sun and The Moon, A Bundle of Oaks or the Art of Understanding Transcendence; Animae Transmutationis aka The Soud of Transformation; The Third Distinction of the Fifth Essence which is about the Healing of Bodies; The Compendium of the Art of Transmutation of the Soul of Metals; De Invocatione demonum aka The Invocation of Demons from The Book of Solomon; reputed author of De Secr. aka The Secret aka The Preface to the First Book of the Secrets of Nature or the Fifth Essence by Raimund Lull, the most acute philosopher and most celebrated physician;

These may be by Raymund de Tarrega aka Neophytus aka Raymond de Tarrega, murdered by the Spanish Inquisition @ 1370;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_Lull; http://lullianarts.net/ ; A MAN OF MISCONCEPTIONS: The Life of an Eccentric In An Age Of Change by John Glassie, 2012; http://www.ramonllull.net/sw_studies/l_br/s_pseudo_0.htm; https://archive.org/details/fourbooksofjohan00weid; https://archive.org/details/pretiosamargarit00laci; https://ketab3.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/encyclopaedia-judaica-v-17-ra-sam.pdf ;