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Rayna aka Traci Templebee aka Traci A****-O****

America @ 1980 - present

Comments; a flowing river of Goddess energy; astrology; Qabalist; Pagan organizer; Neopaganism; Archeologist ; Mayan Indians; Earth elementals and fairies;



Friends; Canu, husband; Morgan Storm, son; Cyrus, son; Chuck Furnace; LaF****; Whisper; Rainbow Darkly; Andy M****** aka Ashbow; Bai; Joe Z aka Phoenix; Cecy aka Sophia ; Kristen aka Kore ;

Organizations; Oroboros Isis Gnosis; the Star Lodge; the Navigators Lodge; the Covenant of the Goddess;

Author: Ancient Mayan Women, 2002 ; Children of K'axob: Premature Death in a Formative Maya Village. In The Social Experience of Childhood in Ancient Mesoamerica, (ed), 2006 ;

Resources:http://www.patheos.com/blogs/allergicpagan/2014/02/22/wiccanate-privilege-discussion-at-pantheacon/ ; http://discovermagazine.com/2014/march/16-the-power-and-glory-of-the-maya-queens#.UydSgM5BbyY, but you must be a subscriber, or find the MARCH 2014 ISSUE of Discover magazine;