Regina Kahl

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Regina Kahl

? / America 1891 - 1945

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Frater Achad AKA Charles Stansfeld Jones; Jack Parsons; Theodor Reuss; Carl Kellner; Karl Germer; H. Spencer Lewis (AMORC); Paul Foster Case (BOTA);

Students: Grady McMurtry; Helen Parsons Smith nee Northrup; Marjorie Cameron Parson; L. Ron Hubbard; Jane Wolfe; Max R. Schneider; Louis Culling; Frederic Mellinger ;

Organizations: A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star); OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica AKA Gnostic Catholic Church;


Comments: Wilfred Smith's Priestess, they performed a semi-public Gnostic Mass in CA, 1933; Helen Parsons Smith began to take her place in Smith's affections and Priestess role; was investigated when one of her female students was murdered, no connection;