Richard Jaccoma

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Richard Jaccoma

America 1943 - present

Comments: Pulp writer, revived the old anti-Oriental pulps for a modern audience; showed a surprising understanding of the occult, and principles of human sacrifice; occult roots of Nazism;

Teachers: Sax Rohmer;M. P. Shiel; H. Irving Hancock; Robert W. Chambers; Trevor Ravenscroft; Jack London; J. Allan Dunn; Philip Francis Nowlan of Buck Rogers fame; Arthur J. Burks; H. P. Lovecraft; Robert A. Heinlein; Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan ; Edgar Rice Burroughs of Tarzan; Lester Dent, of Doc Savage; Walter Gibson of The Shadow; H. Rider Haggard;

Students: Chuck Furnace;

Friends: Lee Weinstein;


Author: Yellow Peril: The Adventures of Sir John Weymouth-Smythe, 1978  ; "The Werewolf's Tale" ; its sequel "The Werewolf's Revenge"

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