Rite of Memphis and Misraim

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Rite of Memphis and Misraim

Teachers: Cagliostro AKA Joseph Balsamo Cagliostro founded the Rite of High Egyptian Masonry in 1784. Between 1767 and 1775 he received the three degrees of the Arcana Arcanorum, hermetic degrees, from Sir Knight Luigi d’Aquino, the brother of the national Grand Master of Neapolitan Masonry. In 1788, he introduced them into the Rite of Misraim (from the Hebrew מצרים for Egypt) in Italy and gave a patent to this Rite, sometimes called the Oriental Rite. It consisted of 90 degrees, but some were already existing in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The initiation concerns Isis, Osiris and Typhon, the struggle for the World and resurrection. A Mousiur Lechangeur seems to have been the first French Grand Master, perhaps after being initiated into some, but not the highest Scottish Ritee degrees. There are Qabalistic and Alchemyical degrees on the Planets, Metals, etc from 17th and 18th Century Mages like Hermes Trismegistus, Pietro d'Abano, Francis Barrett, Cornelius Agrippa, Robert Fludd, Paracelsus, Roger Bacon, the legends of Comte de Saint-Germain , Simon Magus, Albertus Magnus and Cagliostro.

The timeline was Cagliostro 's Arcana Arcanorum (AA), incorporated into the rite of Misraim in 1788, and a schism creating the the rite of Memphis in 1838, merged into Memphis-Misraïm (MM) in 1881. Therapeutic and Magic Fraternity of Myriam (Fr+ T+ M+ di Myr) of 1896 was another reformation of these rites by Guiliano Kremmerz, claiming additional magical and Masonic knowledge from both the Italian Brotherhood of Red Monks ( see Dante Alighieri's life story for the White vs. Red Monks) and the Order of Osiris, supposedly from Naples, about which no other information is currently available. One might place the occult Fraternities of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries as part of this progression, or the "regular" Masonic bodies such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and York Rite of Freemasonry, as well as the Shrine, Tall Cedars of Lebennon, etc.

Samuel Honis was initiated into Freemasonry in Egypt by the Comte de Saint-Germain, and in turn initiated Cagliostro in not only the Blue Lodge but several Hermetic and esoteric Rites, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis in France. When Neopolean's troops (which contained many military Masons) returned to France, Samuel Honis, who started an Egyprian style Lodge in France. Supposedly, Gad Bedarride was initiated into it by the founder of the Scottish Rite, Constant Chevillon and the Egyptian Adept The Sage ANANIAH. This was after his Masonic initiation in in 1771. His 3 sons, especially Michael Bedarride took over from Worshipful Brother de Lassale's successor Theodore Gerber of Milan in 1812, but their anti-Church and anti-King policy was a bit too vocal and they had to go underground. The mysterious Worshipful Brother de Lassale had been involved with the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry but splintered off, then a WB Polack of Venice tried to establish a rival organization. Somehow Michael Bedarride's brother Mark Bedarride, who had been initiated into the 77th degree by Worshipful Brother de Lassale's brother in the military, wrote " The Masonic Order of Misraïm " , 1848. Their brother Joseph Bedarride joyed with Brothers Joly, Gaborea, Garcia and Decollet formed a Lodge in Paris in 1813 under the protection of Count Muraire, and siphoning off Scottish Rite Brothers ready for "new Light" including Count Lallemand, Br. Thory, Colonel Martin, Count Chabran, General Monier, Barbier de Finant, the Chevalier Chabrab de Collet, Br. Vidal, Br. Perron and General Tests, all initiated in the 90 degree system, built upon the 25 degrees of the Order of the Royal Secret. It encompassed 4 series of symbolic, philosophic, mystic and qabalistic initiations in the Rainbow Lodge, 1816. This spawned a daughter group, the Disciples of Zoroaster under a Dr. Ganal, who gathered in his Lodge Baucalin de Laroste, the Chevalier Larrey, Br. Auzon, Br. Jean Marie Ragon, Clavet-Gaubert, Br. Redarets, Br. Chasserian and Br. Beaurepaire. Eventually, although banned in the Netherlands, new Lodges, The Twelve Tribes, The Disciples of Misraim, The Burning Bush and The Children of Apollo sprang up by 1818. The despotic and irregular administration by the Brothers Bedarride caused both their own Lodges to revolt, as well as censure from the Grand Orient Lodge of France, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the police in 1822. Mark and Michael were able to reopen Rainbow and Burning Bush Lodges, and charter Pyramid Lodge in Paris, 1832. Mark died in 1856, but not before another schism created the Grant Orient of the Valley of Egypt aka Jerusalem of the Valley of Egypt under Brs. Boubee and Vourey. This became the Lodge of Adoption for women under Gabrielle Pernet, Courtois, Ms. Breano, Block de Berthier and Ms. Maxime of the Theater Francais. Michael invested GM Dr. Hayere as his successor, and died in W. Br.Girault, 1884, then W. Br. Osselin succeeded Dr. Hayere as Master of the Rite. Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre AKA Marconis the Negro and his son Jacques-Etienne Marconis de Negre was initiated into Misraim in 1833, and started “la Bienveillance” Lodge in Lyons. But he had some trouble, was booted out, rejoined under another name, was discovered and expelled, whereupon he started the Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis 5 years later.

The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis was officially constituted in France by Jacques Etienne Marconis de Nègre aka Marconis Letuillart in 1838, as a variant of the Rite of Misraim, combining elements from Templarism and chivalry with Egyptian and academical mythology. It had 90 degrees in different historical eras represented, and is descended from the Rites of Primitive Philadelaphes and the Order of the African Architects in France. He started “The Disciples of Memphis” Lodge, then quickly chartered Chapter “les Philadelphes", 1839 and Lodge “les Sages d’Heliopolis”, 1840. Another wave followed, “Disciples of Menes (aka Mani),” the “Disciples of Pythagoras,” and the “Disciples of Memphis” Lodges survived in Paris, while the Belgian Lodges failed. His travels took him to England, where he established a Lodge with WM J. P. Berjean called The Sectarians of Menes (aka Mani), 1851, but when the French Lodges were closed, he traveled to Troy, New York in America to begin anew. He established the Disciples of Memphis with WB Durand in 1860. His Rite was eventually incorporated, but not used, by the Grand Orient of France. It was declared clandestine in PA in 1890; , Jacques Ochs of Romania continued to establish new Lodges 1890 -1896, but the The Ochs Rite of “Memphis and Misraim” was not the Marconis Rite, rather another new adaption of the existing rituals available; This seems to be the source of a few Ancient and Primitive (Spanish) Rite of Memphis and Misraim Lodges in NY and IL; He gave a charter to Harry Seymour in NY , who reformed it in 1867, then passed to John Yarker in England, 1872, who initiated General Garibaldi of Italy.

General Giuseppe Garibaldi,combined the two irregular Masonic Rites in the Rite of Memphis and Misraim in 1881. Oh...while he was uniting the Italian City States for the first time since Rome...his own Masonic rite is AMAZING, and performed for Master Masons in NYC every once in a while in Italian. Since Garibaldi, such well known Masonic and Magical leaders as Papus AKA Gérard Encausse, Teder AKA Charles Detre, Theodor Reuss AKA Peregrinos of the OTO, John Yarker, Jean Bricaud of the Gnostic Church; Robert Ambelain and currently WB George Claude Vieilledent in France have led the Order. WB Robert Capello is listed as the current USA Master. Members included Rudolf Steiner, Marie von Sivers, Arnold Krumm-Heller, Hans Rudolf Hilfiker-Dunn AKA "Nothung" (The Sword of the Valkyries); Harry Seymour in America  ; Eduardo Frosini AKA "Hermes" , Arturo Reghini AKA "Maximus", Constantin Moriou, Czesław Czyński, Villarino del Villar , G. di San Fortunato, Cardinal Mariano Rampolla di Tindaro Ida Hofmann, Henri Oedenkoven of 'Monte Verità' commune, Clara Linke, H. Spencer Lewis of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), and Aleister Crowley, whose Masonic credentials were then not recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Grand Master of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry in America, Harry Seymour issued a Patent to John Yarker in 1872; the Rite of Memphis first arrived in America in 1856,; The ninety degrees of the Rite of Misraim were united with the ninety-seven degrees of Memphis by General Giuseppe Garibaldi, reduced by eliminating duplicative degrees to 33.It spread to the Masonic and Occult circle of friends cultivated by John Yarker, who became Grand Master in 1905, and spread it's charters over the world.

The Degrees of the Ancient or Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Mizraim as reduced to thirty-three Degrees, in some places.... below that will be the complete list of Degrees at various times.


4. Discreet Master

5. Sublime Master

6. Sacred Arch

7. Secret Vault

8. Knight of the Sword

9. Knight of Jerusalem

10. Knight of the Orient

11. Rose Croix.


12. Knight of the Red Eagle

13. Knight of the Temple

14. Knight of the Tabernacle

15. Knight of the Serpent

16. Knight of Kadosh

17. Knight of the Royal Mystery

18. Grand Inspector

19. Sage of Truth

20. Hermetic Philosopher (confers the Ancient Strict Observance Templar degrees, of Baron Von Hund, and the succession of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz who named it the Chevaliers Bienfaisants de Cité‚ Sainte AKA C.B.C.S.)


21. Grand Installator

22. Grand Consecrator

23. Grand Eulogist

24. Patriarch of Truth

25. Patriarch of the Planispheres

26. Patriarch of the Vedas

27. Patriarch of Isis

28. Patriarch of Memphis

29. Patriarch of the Mystic City

30. Sub. Master of the G. W., P. P

        Administrative Degrees 

31. Grand Defender of the Rite

32. Sublime Patriarch of Memphis

33. Sovereign Grand Conservator of the Rite

added to this are the 66th degree (Grand Consecrator) 87th, 88th, 89th and 90th degree based on Cagliostro's ARCANA ARCANORUM.

If you compare this to the degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, you will see the duplication in the initial degrees "borrowed", or organized as well might be a better term, into this Masonic degree structure. The Lessons of these degrees must be universal. Grand Master Constant Chevillon of that Rite is venerated as one of it's founders.

( as of 1980 )

Lodge 1º. Apprentice 2º. Companion 3º. Master College 4º. Secret Master 5º. Perfect Master 6º. Intimate Secretary 7º. Provost and Judge 8º. Intendant of the Buildings 9º. Master Elect of Nine 10º. Illustrious Elect of Fifteen 11º. Sublime Prince Elect 12º. Grand Master Architect 13º. Royal Arch 14º. Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Master Chapter 15º. Knight of the East or the Sword 16º. Prince of Jerusalem 17º. Knight of the East and the West 18º. Knight of the Rose Cross Senate 19º. Grand Pontiff 20º. Knight of the Temple 21º. Patriarch Noachite 22º. Knight of the Royal Axe 23º. Chief of the Tabernacle 24º. Prince of the Tabernacle 25º. Knight of the Brazen Serpent 26º. Prince of Mercy 27º. Commander of the Temple 28º. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept 29º. Knight of St. Andrew Areopage and Tribunal 30º. Grand Elected Knight of Kadosh 31º. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander 32º. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret 33º. Sovereign Grand Inspector General Consistory 34º. Knight of Scandinavia 35º. Knight of the Temple 36º. Sublime Negociant 37º. Knight of Shota (Sage of Truth) 38º. Sublime Elect of Truth (The Red Eagle) 39º. Grand Elect of the Aeons 40º. Sage Savaiste (Perfect Sage) 41º. Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours 42º. Prince of Light 43º. Sublime Hermetic Sage (Hermetic Philosopher) 44º. Prince of the Zodiac 45º. Sublime Sage of the Mysteries 46º. Sublime Pastor of the Huts 47º. Knight of the Seven Stars 48º. Sublime Guardian of the Sacred Mount 49º. Sublime Sage of the Pyramids 50º. Sublime Philosopher of Samothrace 51º. Sublime Titan of the Caucasus 52º. Sage of the Labyrinth 53º. Knight or Sage of the Phoenix 54º. Sublime Scalde 55º. Sublime Orphic Doctor 56º. Pontiff, of Sage of Cadmia 57º. Sublime Magus 58º. Sage, or Prince Brahmine 59º. Sublime Sage, or Grand Pontiff of Ogygia 60º. Sublime Guardian of the Three Fires 61º. Sublime Unknown Philosopher 62º. Sublime Sage of Eulisis 63º. Sublime Kawi 64º. Sage of Mythras 65º. Guardian of Sanctuary - Grand Installator 66º. Grand Architect of the Mysterious City - Grand Consecrator 67º. Guardian of the Incommunicable Name - Grand Eulogist 68º. Patriarch of Truth 69º. Knight or Sage of the Golden Branch of Eleusis 70º. Prince of Light, or Patriarch of the Planispheres 71º. Patriarch of the Sacred Vedas 72º. Sublime Master of Wisdom 73º. Patriarch, or Doctor of the Sacred Fire 74º. Sublime Master of the Stoka 75º. Knight Commandel of the Lybic Chain Sublime Council 76º. Interpreter of Hieroglyphics, of Patriarch of Isis 77º. Sublime Knight or Sage Theosopher 78º. Grand Pontiff of the Thebiad 79º. Knight, or Sage of the Redoubtable Sada 80º. Sublime Elect of the Sanctuary of Mazias 81º. Intendent Regulator, or Patriarch of Memphis 82º. Grand Elect of the Temple of Midgard 83º. Sublime Elect of the Valley of Oddy 84º. Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds 85º. Sublime Sage, or Knight of Kneph 86º. Sublime Philosopher of the Valley of Kab 87º. Sublime Prince of Masonry 88º. Grand Elect of the Sacred Curtain 89º. Patriarch of the Mystic City 90º. Sublime Master of the Great Work Grand Tribunal 91º. Grand Defender 92º. Grand Catechist 93º. Regulator General 94º. Prince of Memphis, or Grand Administrator 95º.Grand Conservator 96º. Grand and Puissant Sovereign of the Order 97º. Deputy International Grand Master 98º. International Grand Master 99º. Grand Hierophant

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