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Dr. Robert Felkin AKA Robert William Felkin AKA Finem Respice AKA Have Regard to the End

England / New Zealand 1853 - 1926

Comments: Medical doctor; Ceremonial Magick ; Rosicrucian; anthropologist; ethno-medicine; tropical diseases; Christian mysticism; he and a group of other missionaries set out for Uganda, 1878, became personal physician to King M'tesa; Zanzibar, 1880; credited with being one of the first persons to make the link between the mosquito and malaria; Doctor of Medicine from Heidelberg, 1885; In 1978 there was a ceremonial burning of all the documents belonging to the Stella Matutina ; used an eclipse to bluff his way as a Magician in Africa, and get his Missionaries out of harm (British Medical Journal, February, 1927); hypnotherapy; psychotherapy; phrenology ; iridology; Creator of quasi - Magical Masonic Rites;

Teachers: alchemist Frederick Holland; William Robert Woodman; William Wynn Westcott; Eliphas Levi; Papus;"Anna Sprengel" AKA Soror S.d.A; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Count Apponyi; Frederick Hockley; Moina Mathers; J.W.Brodie-Innes; "Sun Masters" AKA Secret Chiefs including Ara Ben Shemesh ("Lion Son of the Sun"), an Astral Teacher; Rudolf Steiner; Reginald and Ruth Gardiner; Harold Large; `Abdu'l-Bahá ; Dr David Livingstone, explorer; Gordon of Khartoum AKA Major-General Charles George Gordon; Imhotep, engineer / architect for Pharaoh Djoser;

Students: daughter Ethelwyn (Ethel) Felkin; James Walter Chapman-Taylor, New Zealand's pre-eminent architect, designed their home "Whare Ra" perhaps this is Jack Taylor, disciple; Robert S. Ellwood, author of Islands of the Dawn; Matthew Wright; Evan Campbell; Pat Zalewski; Harry Wolf; James Vahjen;

Friends: W.B. Yeats; Queen Victoria; Princess Beatrice; Mary Mander, 1st wife; Harriot Davidson, 2nd wife; Israel Regardie;

Organizations: Golden Dawn Amen-Ra Temple in New Zealand AKA Amoun Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Stella Matutina in England; Smaragdum Thalasses Temple of the Stella Matutina, New Zealand in Whare Ra or "the House of the Sun"; Theosophical Society, 1886; Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; member of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain ; corresponding Fellow of the Berlin Anthropological Society; Community of the Resurrection,; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA) 1907; Metropolitan College, "Havelock Work" group; Order of the Table Round (Ordo Tabulae Rotundae); Guild of St. Raphael; Bahá'í  ; founder of the Geographical Society (of Scotland); Freemasonry, Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1 (Scottish Constitution) on 8 January 1907, passed to Fellowcraft Degree on 12 February 1907 and raised to the Master Mason degree on 26 February 1907;

Author: subject of novel A Wayfaring Man by his wife; Hypnotism, or Psycho-Therapeutics, 1890;

Resources:; DOCTOR ROBERT FELKIN - A PROMINENT FREEMASON ? W.Bro.K.H. Knox (9 September 1993)(New Zealand);