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Dr. Robert Fludd AKA Robertus de Fluctibus

England 1574 – 1637

Comments: Magician ; Paracelsian physician; astrologer; math; cosmologist; Qabalist; Rosicrucian; Platonist; Memory ; perpetual motion machines; created Robert Fludd's Sephirothic Tree; interesting Paraclesian approach to battle wounds...put the treatment on the weapon rather than the injury aka a "weapon salve" see Dr. Fludd’s Answer unto M. Foster; agreed with Iamblichus over Porphyry that Astrology was insufficient to discover one's Holy Guardian Angel, that one needed to advance beyond the physical world markers to the Intelligences of the Planets (see Higher Authority than mere scientific knowledge); Magnetism was the sexual attraction of the Universe towards union the God-force; Tree of Life diagram;

Teachers: Paracelsus; Dr. William Harvey; Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkreutz; Vitruvius; Dr. John Perrin; Master Gruter of Switzerland; Raymond Lull; Plato; Aristotle; Pythagoras; Hermes Trismegistus; Iamblichus; Cicero; Franciscus Georgius; John Duns Scotus AKA Doctor Subtilis; Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim; Bernard Palissy (1510-1590), author of "De la ville de forteresse" (1563); Joachim Frizius, author of Summum Bonum (may have been Fludd himself); Bishop John Thornborough, author of Lithotheorikos in 1621, 1551–1641; Giovanni Battista Agnello , author of A Revelation of the Secret Spirit, 1560–1577; George Thor, author of An easie introduction to the philosophers magical gold: to which is added, Zoroasters cave : as also, John Pontanus Epistle upon the mineral fire, ... philosophers stone; Al-Kindi; Alhazen;

Students: Sigmund Richter; John Amos Comenius; John Michael Greer; William H. Huffman; C. H. Josten; Madame Blavatsky; A.E. Waite; Marquis de Orizon, Viscomte de Cadenet; Duke of Guise, his brother Francois, a Knight of Malta; John Webster; Dr. Matthias Engelhart; Dr. Gergor M. Horst AKA The German Aesculapius; Justus Helt; Johann-Theodor de Bry; Hieronymus Gallerus; Jean Balthasar; Dr. Carl Jung; Athanasius Kircher; Johannes Theodorus de Bry, illustrator;C.H. Josten, author of "Robert Fludd's "Philosophical Key" and his Alchemical Experiment on Wheat"; Patricia Tahil, translator of The Origin and Structure of the Cosmos. Being a translation of Books One and Two of Tractate One from Volume One of Utriusque Cosmi Historia of Robert Fludd; General Charles A. Rainsford, translator of On the Divine Numbers and the Divine Harmony- Transcribed from MS. Alnwicke Castle 600 in the Collection of the Duke of Northumberland; Adam McLean, translator of Mosaical Philosophy. Grounded upon the Essential Truth or Eternal Sapience; J. B. Craven, author of Doctor Robert Fludd (Robertus De Fluctibus) - The English Rosicrucian- Life And Writings ; Bishop Gaspar Vazquez Tablada, persecutor of Gypsies, author of "Chrysopoiea - being a dissertation on the hermetical science"; Allen G. Debus; William Salmon, author of Polygraphice, or, The arts of drawing, engraving, etching, limning, painting, vernishing, japaning, gilding, @ 1717; Matthäus Merian Ältere aka Matthew the Elder, author of Musaeum hermeticum, reformatum et amplificatum : omnes sopho-spagyricae artis discipulos fidelissimè erudiens, quo pacto summa illa veraque lapidis philosophici medicina, qua res omnes qualemcunque defectum patientes, instaurantur, inveniri & haberi queat - continens tractatus chimicos XXI, praestantissimos, 1593-1650;

Friends: Johannes Kepler; Sir William Paddy; Michael Maier; Sir William Harvey, discovered circulation; The Lord of Bourdalone; Reginaud of Avignon; The Elector Palatine; Landgrave Moritz the Learned; Adam Halsmayr; Dr. John Everard;

Enemies: Johannes Kepler, parted company as enemies; Andreas Libavius, Lutheran preacher; Rene Descartes; Marin Mersenne;

Organizations:Christ Church, Oxford; influenced philosophy of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross (co-founder) AKA Orden des Gold- und Rosenkreutz, (the Fraternity of the Golden and Rosy Cross);

Author: Analysis confessionis Fraternitatis de Rosea Cruce (Analysis of the Confession of the Holy Cross) 1615; Apologia Compendiaria, Fraternitatem de Rosea Cruce suspicionis … maculis aspersam, veritatis quasi Fluctibus abluens, &c., Leyden, 1616; Tractatus Apologeticus integritatem Societatis de Rosea Cruce defendens, &c., Leyden, 1617.; Tractatus Theologo-philosophicus, &c., Oppenheim, 1617; The Tillage of Light of Patrick Scot, 1623 ; Mosaical Philosophy, read it here (; Utriusque cosmi aka History of the Macrocosm and Microcosm in 5 volumes, 1617-1624 AKA Technical, Physical and Metaphysical History of the Macrocosm and Microcosm (1617-1626), Brief Declaration to James I of England, defending himself against charges of heresy; A Philosophical Key, alchemical work describing experiments on wheat; Truth’s Golden Harrow, a defense of the physical reality of alchemy; Clavis philosophiae et alchymiae fluddanae; - Integrvm morborvm mysterivm, siue, Medicinae catholicae tomi primi tractatus secundus : in sectiones distributus duas, qvorum prior generalem morborum naturam, siue variam munimenti salutis hostiliter inuadendi atq. oppugnandi rationem, more nouo & minimè antea audito, siue intellecto describit - vltima, uniuersale medicorum siue aegrotorum depingit catoptron, in quo meteororum morbosorum signa tam demonstratiua quam prognostica lucidè speculantur & modo haud vulgari atque alieno planè designantur, 1629;

Resources:;;; Robert Fludd: essential readings by William H. Huffman; ; ; ; ; ; ;