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Robert Masters AKA Dr. Robert E. L. Masters AKA Papa Bob

America - 2008

Comments; amazing psychologist, Human potential movement, with wife and partner Jean Houston pushed the bounds of human inner exploration; altered states in education and psychotherapy, as well as in neural, sensory, and kinesthetic reeducation; esoteric psychologies and spiritual disciplines; Egyptian psychospiritual practices; the Fifth Way; ; Neurospeak ; The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience: The Classic Guide to the Effects of LSD on the Human Psyche with Jean Houston Ph.D; The Way to Awaken: Exercises to Enliven Body, Self, and Soul; The Hidden World of Erotica: Forbidden Sexual Behaviour and Morality;

Teachers; Jean Paul Sartre; Simone de Beauvoir; Margaret Mead; Carl Jung; Buckminster Fuller; Aldous Huxley; Joseph Campbell; Dr. Timothy Leary; John C. Lilly; P.D. Ouspensky; G. I. Gurdjieff; E. A. Wallis Budge

Students: John Lennon; Dr. Marti Glenn and her husband, Ken Bruer; Andrew Weil; Ralph Metzner; Baba Ram Dass AKA Richard Alpert; Wavey Gravey; Ken Kesey; Paul Krassner; Robert Anton Wilson; Chuck Furnace; Alan Watts;

Partner: Jean Houston married in 1965

Friends: Elvis Presley;

Organizations: Association for the Masters Psychophysical Method;

Author: editor, Houston Post and then the Shreveport Times; editor of the Library of Sex Research for Julian Press; Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space ; The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way; Swimming Where Madmen Drown: Travelers' Tales from Inner Space; Goddess Sekhmet and Her Way of the Five Bodies (A Fifth way book)