Robert Moray

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Sir Robert Moray (alternative spellings: Murrey, Murray)

Scotland/ England/ France 1608 or 1609 – 1673

Comments: 1st recorded Freemason St Mary's Chapel Lodge, Newcastle-on-the-Tyne, England, but by the Scottish Masonic Lodge of Edinburgh; Brother Sir William Moray, was Master of the Works (MWGM) to Charles II; Spy for the French; Scots Guard; “ General Quartermaster of the Armie of Scotland,” was initiated at Newcastle May 20, 1641 by members of the Lodge of Edinburgh who were with the Scottish army which had entered England in arms against King Charles;

Teachers: Lord Balcarres, whose daughter he married; Athanasius Kircher, especially "Magnes", while imprisoned in 1641 in Bavaria;

Students: Elias Ashmole;

Friends: Charles the 1st, Charles II of England; Christopher Wren; John Wilkins; Robert Boyle; Samuel Pepys; Thomas Vaughan; Robert Hooke; Louie XIII of France; James Anderson; John Winthrop the Younger;

Enemies: Oliver Cromwell

Organizations: Freemason St Mary's Chapel Lodge, Edinburgh, 1641; Royal Society; Gresham College


Resources:; The Mason's Words - the history and evolution of the American Masonic Ritual by Robert G. Davis, 2013;