Robert W. Chambers

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Robert W. Chambers

America 1865 – 1933

Comments: Adventure, Mystery and Horror novelist with Occult friends; artist; his work includes a Necronomicon-like play which plunges readers into despair and insanity, because it reveals horrible cosmic truths about the universe; anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic; Segregation of Blacks into their own new independent negro state of Suanee; integration of Native Americans however, into the military as Scouts; Government Lethal Chamber to make suicide easy; Mr. Wilde, "the profession of a Repairer of Reputations"; the Imperial Dynasty of America book; the Yellow Sign ; the Pallid Mask; the Alchemy of turning Living Creatures into stone statues of marble; Scottish history; Ancestor was Roger Williams, the founder of Providence, Rhode Island;

Teachers: Monk Lewis; Ann Radcliffe; Horace Walpole; E. T. A. Hoffmann; Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward AKA Sax Rohmer; Edgar Allan Poe; Arthur Machen; Algernon Blackwood; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly; Nathaniel Hawthorne, gothic horror and Dark Romanticism writer; H. G. Wells; Sheridan le Fanu ; Bram Stoker, of Dracula; Oscar Wilde of The Picture of Dorian Gray; Johann Georg Faust; Goethe; Christopher Marlowe; Sir Walter Scott; David Herd; Bishop Thomas Percy, collector of Reliques of Ancient Poetry; Allan Ramsay; Robert Hamilton, Esq; James Watson, 1719; Sir David Dalrymple; Algernon Blackwood; Arthur Machen; Ambrose Bierce; Guy de Maupassant; Lord Dunsany;

Students:H. P. Lovecraft; Clark Ashton Smith; Lin Carter; James Blish; Richard Jaccoma , author of Yellow Peril, 1978; HBO series ‘True Detective’ s Nic Pizzolatto ; Neil Gaiman ; George R.R. Martin; Dennis Wheatley; William Hope Hodgson; Dorthy Scarborough, PhD; Everett Franklin Bleiler aka E. F. Bleiler of Dover Publications; Frederic Taber Cooper; S. T. Joshi aka Sunand Tryambak Joshi; Karl Edward Wagner; Joseph S. Pulver; Michael Cisco; Ann K. Schwader; Robert M. Price; Galad Elflandsson; Frank Miller, comic artist creator of Sin City; John Brownlee; B. J. Harrison;

Friends: Elsa Vaughn Moller (1882–1939), wife;


Organizations: Art Students' League; the École des Beaux-Arts; Académie Julian;

Author: The King in Yellow, 1895; The Maker of Moons; The Moonlit Way; The Slayer of Souls, 1920; The Tree of Heaven; Barbarians, 1917, includes the story "Marooned"  ; The Dark Star; In Search of the Unknown ; Police!!!; Who Goes There ! : The Messenger, short story in Famous Modern Ghost Stories; The Adventures of a Modest Man; Ailsa Paige; Athalie; Between Friends; Blue-Bird Weather; The Business of Life; Cardigan; The Common Law; The Crimson Tide; The Danger Mark; The Fighting Chance ; The Firing Line; The Flaming Jewel; The Gay Rebellion; The Green Mouse; The Hidden Children ; In Secret; In the Quarter, 1887 or 1894; Iole ; The Little Red Foot; Lorraine; The Maid-At-Arms; The Maids of Paradise; Quick Action; The Reckoning; Special Messenger ; The Streets of Ascalon - Episodes in the Unfinished Career of Richard Quarren, Esq; The Tracer of Lost Persons, basis for the radio series Mr. Keen ; The Romantic Scottish Ballads: Their Epoch and Authorship; A Young Man in a Hurry, and Other Short Stories; The Younger Set; The Mystery of Choice, 1897 ; The Red Republic (1895); A King and A Few Dukes (1896); With the Band (1896); Ashes of Empire (1898); The Haunts of Men (1898) – short stories; Outsiders (1899); The Cambric Mask (1899); The Conspirators (1899); Some Ladies in Haste (1908); Special Messenger (1909); The Japonette (1912); Anne's Bridge (1914); The Girl Philippa (1916); The Laughing Girl (1918); The Restless Sex; A Story of Primitive Love (1920); The Talkers (1923); Eris (1923); The Hi-Jackers (1923); America; or, The Sacrifice (1924) ;The Mystery Lady; Marie Halkett (1925); The Man they Hanged; The Drums of Aulone (1927); The Sun Hawk (1928); The Rogue's Moon (1928); The Happy Parrot (1929); The Painted Minx (1930); The Rake and the Hussy (1930); War Paint and Rouge (1931); Gitana (1931); Whistling Cat (1932); Whatever Love Is (1933);

Quotes: Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies But stranger still is Lost Carcosa; "the exclusion of foreign-born Jews as a measure of self-preservation"; " The Government has seen fit to acknowledge the right of man to end an existence which may have become intolerable to him, through physical suffering or mental despair. It is believed that the community will be benefited by the removal of such people from their midst" ; " I saw the lake of Hali, thin and blank, without a ripple or wind to stir it, and I saw the towers of Carcosa behind the moon. Aldebaran, the Hyades, Alar, Hastur, glided through the cloud-rifts which fluttered and flapped as they passed like the scolloped tatters of the King in Yellow" ; "The King in Yellow. Oh the sin of writing such words,—words which are clear as crystal, limpid and musical as bubbling springs, words which sparkle and glow like the poisoned diamonds of the Medicis! Oh the wickedness, the hopeless damnation of a soul who could fascinate and paralyze human creatures with such words,—words understood by the ignorant and wise alike, words which are more precious than jewels, more soothing than music, more awful than death! We talked on, unmindful of the gathering shadows, and she was begging me to throw away the clasp of black onyx quaintly inlaid with what we now knew to be the Yellow Sign. I never shall know why I refused, though even at this hour, here in my bedroom as I write this confession, I should be glad to know what it was that prevented me from tearing the Yellow Sign from my breast and casting it into the fire. I am sure I wished to do so, and yet Tessie pleaded with me in vain. Night fell and the hours dragged on, but still we murmured to each other of the King and the Pallid Mask, and midnight sounded from the misty spires in the fog-wrapped city. We spoke of Hastur and of Cassilda, while outside the fog rolled against the blank window-panes as the cloud waves roll and break on the shores of Hali";

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