Ronald Hutton

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Ronald Hutton

England 1953 - present

Comments: England's reigning academic historian of Paganism, very good writer and speaker, not condescending as many other academics tend to be; Gardnerian Wicca;

Teachers: Gerald Gardner; all his spiritual descendents in Wicca, Paganism and Neopaganism; Saint Bede aka The Venerable Bede;

Students: Asphodel Long; Tim Sebastion, Chief of the Secular Order of Druids; Wiccan Elder Frederic Lamond ;

Friends: Judy Harrow;

Organizations: University of Bristol; Magdalen College, Oxford

Author:The Royalist War Effort (1981); The Restoration (1985) ; Charles the Second (1989); The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles (1991); The Rise and Fall of Merry England (1994); The Stations of the Sun (1996); The Triumph of the Moon (1999)THE Pagan Studies coursebook; Shamans (2001); What If the Gunpowder Plot Had Succeeded?; Pagan Britain, 2013;

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