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Dr. Timothy Leary was a very smart, out of the box thinker, both before, during and after his adventures with psychedelic drugs. As a Harvard psychiatry professor, he devised personality tests, as a 1960s icon he preached Tune In , Turn On, Drop Out, and after fighting with the Authorities for years, adopted another approach.

Rather than drugs, or spirituality, or anti-materialism, Dr. Tim shifted gears into preaching for SMI2LE - Space Migration, Intelligence Increase and Life Extension. These three interrelated goals are mutually dependent. If you extend Life further through medical science, we need places for those people and all their children to live, so we need space migration. To develop the technology for both medicine and space, we need Intelligence Increase. We need that also not to destroy ourselves as we further develop our technology, but to justify the continuation of our species taking up resources in the Universe.

In the 1970s alliances were formed between various somewhat anarchistic groups to support SMI2LE. One was the L-5 Society, based on providing a string of individual cities in orbit between Earth and the Moon at the L-5, or Lagrange 5 orbit for expanding some of Earth's population off the planet. Another effort was towards Cryogenics, with efforts to freeze at least the brain of some who died for future resurrection of their personality. At least one young girl, Robert Anton Wilson's daughter, taken too young, was preserved in this way, pioneered by Walt Disney. To be fair, he may have only "stopped animating". Organ transplantation has allowed us to share body parts and not waste the life of Two when One can be saved. What struck horror into Frankenstein creator Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, brings joy and gratitude today, New 3D printing techniques indicate we may not have to wait, but soon every person's individual part can be replaced. Sounds great, but, as Life extension cuts Death rates and Infant Mortality, we will need more room to the future, when hopefully interplanetary science will have advanced.

And Intelligence Increase? Besides psychedelic drugs, we experimented with biofeedback, yoga, complex math problems, palindromes and word puzzles, logic puzzles, Milton Erickson hypnosis, Fritz Perls Gestalt, Aleister Crowley's magick; John C. Lilly's isolation tanks and every means available to "think outside the box'...escape restriction, creation. Buckminster Fuller and "Mr. Natural" Fritz Perls were our Grandfathers; Jean Houston, Joan Halifax, Stanislav Grof; Robert Mastershelped us explore the Inside. Stewart Brand communicated it; We created and shared exercises to stimulate paradox and certainty, to separate Thought's Content from Process.

Gather there are several new efforts out there as we approach 2020. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof left the legacy of Esperanto. Deguchi Nao and Deguchi Onisaburō (1871–1948) of the Oomoto langauge; Kenneth Searight of Sona langauge; Otto Jespersen, of the Novial language;Alice Vanderbilt Morris, of Interlingua language; John Quijada of “Ithkuil", Mbozo, & Pskeoj; Edward Sapir; Oleg Bakhtiyarov of "psychonetics" and the Party of Slavonic Unity ; Marina Yaguello; Arika Okrent; James Cooke Brown, inventor of Loglan; Guy Deutscher; Alla Vishneva; Gennadiy Overchenko; Marina Balioura; Ilya Petichenko; Igor Garkavenko of the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army; Robert Heinlein, SF author, creator of Speedtalk; Charles Bliss, inventor of the pictographic language Blissymbolics; Johann Martin Schleyer, creator of Volapük; George P. Lakoff, linguist;Stanislav Szukalski of Protong language; these practitioners are are taking a variety of approaches to applying themselves to learning to "speedtalk, or with a more efficient, faster communication form, which will lead to a mental speed up of thought where more of the brain is active and available. Intelligence must Increase if the jewels of Immortality and Crafting new Worlds is not to be wasted.

These efforts were aided by Dr. Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass); Wavey Gravey; Ken Kesey; Ralph Metzner; L5 Orbit co-founder Keith Henson; Gerard O'Neill; Ted Schultz of The Network; Paul Krassner of WBAI Radio, YIPPIE party and The Realist magazine ; pychonaut Dr. Terence McKenna; Chuck Furnace;

But the key to this whole endeavor was revealed in our last conversation at Starwood Festival, when Dr. Tim said "Used to talk about all this in terms of drugs and revolution, and it landed me in jail. Now I say the same thing, but in Science Fiction terms, and can go wherever I please."

One point of this WIKI is to conveniently reduce my consciousness on this issue to a convenient digital format for transmission into space as part of Mankind's Knowledge Base when we leave Earth for the Stars... my body won't survive to see it, but perhaps my WORKS will be a monument after it's dust.

Dr. Tim's ashes circle the Earth today, but we still haven't joined him yet in orbiting cities. Still, I bet he SMI2LEs

Resources: ; how Life came to Earth on meteors and evolved DNA here as an adaptive shell to both adapt and world-modify - We COULD do the reverse, send out "seeds" into space to other planets, recognizing that DNA will take what's there and make something intelligent, useful (and probably dangerous out of it). One great disadvantage is not just the time, but that Time == social distance, and they would not recognize us as Kin, mistake us for OUTSIDERS,and the endless wars of conquest ride roughshod over discovery;;see Aubrey de Grey' research on Life Extension: