Sabbatai Zevi

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Sabbatai Zevi AKA Mordecai Zevi AKA AMIRAH aka Amirah aka "Our Lord and King, his Majesty be exalted" AKA (Adoneinu Malkeinu Yarum Hodo)in Hebrew AKA The Messiah (in his and his followers' belief); Aziz Mehmed Effendi (after converting to Islam) aka "Keeper of the Palace Gates" aka the False Messiah

Montenegro 1626 - 1676

Comments: claimed to be Messiah, converted to Islam rather than die; Qabalist; Rabbi; applied Tantra principles to Jewish mysticism, such as to eat non-kosher food, speak the forbidden name of God, and commit other "holy sins; expected to be proclaimed the messiah in the year 1648; orthodox community banned him "cherem", a type of excommunication in Judaism; : Manic-depressive fits tore him between agony and ecstasy, and when he was Good, he was very good, and charismatic, but when he was Bad his Antinomianism, perhaps based on Sefer Kanah, broke the rules and kept forcing him into exiles; Generally an ascetic like The Ari aka Isaac Luria, but capable of great joys and enjoyments when he mas Manic; wrote little, his student Nathan of Gaza was the theoretician. Snake and Messiah share the same gemantria, identification of the Snake in Eden as a liberator, not an Evil influence; learned self-flagellation from the Shiite Muslims; shunned whipped by the Rabbi's in 1651; "Revealed" himself in 1666, when many Christians expected the apocalypse because of the 666; His breaking rules helped in descending into the Other Side of the Tree, the the Sitra Ahra of the Qlipoth to rescue the Sparks of God's LIGHT trapped within the Dark;

Teachers: Joseph Escapa, rabbi of Smyrna; Rabbi Isaac Luria; Rabbi Abraham Abulafia; Nissim ben Abraham; Moses Botarel of Cisneros; Hasdai Crescas; Gerónimo de Santa Fe; Asher Lämmlein aka Asher Kay; Chaim Vital; David Reubeni ; Judas Maccabeus (167-160 BCE); Simon of Peraea (@ 4 BCE); Athronges; Jesus; Mohammad; Judas of Galilee (6 CE); Menahem ben Judah; who may also be Menahem ben Hezekiah; Theudas; Vespasian, @70; John of Gischala; Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph; Simon bar Kokhba aka the Rebel Son of the Star; Lukuas, 115 CE of the Kitos War ; 'Fiskis' aka the Moses of Crete; Moses al-Dar'i of Morocco; Alrui aka David Alroy of the Menahemists; Gadol Rabbi Isaac di Alba, of the Bais Din in Smyrna, 1650; Rabbi Joseph Eskapha, author of "Rosh Yosef" ; Solomon Molcho AKA Diego Pires; Hayyim ben Moshe ibn Attar, author of Or ha-Hayyim aka Light of Life, 1696-1743;

Students:Jacob Frank of the Frankist movement; Eve Frank, his daughter (1754– @1816/1817) ; Gershom Scholem; Isaac Silveyra ; Moses Pinheiro; Joseph Ergas; Abraham ha-Yakini; Nathan of Gaza aka Nathan Benjamin Levi AKA Nathan Benjamin ben Elisha HaLevi Ghazzati aka Abraham Nathan ben Elisha Hayyim Ashkenazi aka Rabbi Nathan Ashkenazi of Gaza aka buzina kaddisha aka The Holy Lamp, author of Derush ha-Tanninim aka Treatise on Dragons & Zemir Aritzi'm aka the "Overthrow of the Enemy Forces", 1670 & The Holy Lamp & Sefer ha-Beriah aka the Book of Creation, 1670, @ 1643 – 1680; Rabbi Joseph Hagiz; ; Samuel Primo; Solomon Algazi; Solomon Molcho (AKA Diego Pires); Barukhia Russo aka Osman Baba, (1695-1740); Mordecai Mokia aka ("the Rebuker") of Eisenstadt, (1650–1729); Jacob Querido of the Shabbethaians in Salonica aka Jacob Tzvi of the Donmeh; Dr. Abraham Miguel Cardoso AKA "Messiah ben Ephraim" AKA ABRAHAM ; Moses Pinheiro in Leghorn; Löbele Prossnitz aka Joseph ben Jacob; Jonathan Eybeschütz; Isaiah Hasid; Jehudah the Hasid; Shukr Kuhayl I; Judah ben Shalom aka Shukr Kuhayl II; Moses Guibbory (1899–1985); Goel Ratzon; Tzadok of Gordno, Polish Sabbatean prophet; Andreas Norrelius; Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschuetz of Prague aka Jonathan Eybeschutz, Rabbi of the "Three Communities" , father of Wolf Jonas Eybeschutz and grandfather of Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld aka Moses Dobruška AKA Brother Junius Frey of The Order of the Asiatic Brethren aka the Asiatische Bruder : Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek 1690-1764; Rabbi Judah Leib Prossnitz aka Judah Leib (Leibele) (Löbele) Prossnitz aka Messiah ben Joseph aka "Joseph ben Jacob" , (@1670 - @1730/1750); Mordecai Eisenstadt aka Mordecai Mokiach (1650 – 1729) ; Carl Anton; Rabbi Yechezkel ben Yehuda Landau ( 1713 – 1793; Rabbi Johan Kemper aka Johan Christian Jacob Kemper aka Rabbi Moses ben Aaron Kohen of Cracow aka Shabbatai ben Meir HaKohen aka Shabbatai HaKohen aka The the Shakh ( ש"ך‎) or The Lips aka Moshe ben Aharon of Kraków aka Moses ben Aaron ha-Kohen of Cracow , (1670–1716), author of Matteh Moshe (The Staff of Moses), (1711) and Me'irat 'Enayim (The Enlightenment of the Eyes), (1704) a Christian Qabalist ]commentary on the New Testament Book of Matthew, which he translated from Syriac in 1703, (1670–1716) ex Sabbatian ; Father Nicolas Malebranche aka The Occasional Philosopher"; Tsvee Hirsch of Kalish; Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL; Yakov Leib HaKohain aka Lawrence G. Corey of the Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah of the Donmeh West; Abraham Miguel Cardozo aka Rabbi Cardoso , author of Boḳer Abraham aka the Dawn of Abraham , (1626-1706); Jacob Koppel Lifschuetz , author of Sha’arei Gan Eden aka Gates of the Garden of Eden, @ 1700; Sholem Asch aka Sholom Ash; Marc D. Baer; Moses Pinheiro of Livorno; David J. Halprin, 2007; Abraham ha-Yakini; Evgueni Tortchinov; Avraham Elqayam; Samuel Gandor; Abraham Laniado of Aleppo; Rabbi Leib ben Ozer; Dr. Bryan Griffith Dobbs; Professor Avraham Elqayam; Dr Ali Duran; Rabbi Berechiah aka "Baruchya" aka Baruchia Russo;Heshel Zoref of Vilna; Zadok ben Shemaryah of Grodno; Moses Zakuto; Benjamin Cohen of Reggio; Abraham Rovigo of Modena; Chaim ben Solomon aka Hayim Malakh; Abraham Perez of Salonica, 1668; Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld, AKA Junius Frey of the Order of the Asiatic Brethren and Freemasonry, nephew and successor to Jacob Frank; Johann Christoph Wolf, compiler of Bibliotheca Hebræa , 4 vols, 1683-1739; Adolf Neubauer of the Bodleian Library & Oxford, translator of Meleket ha-Shir, 1831 – 1907; Wolf Eybeschuetz; Father Franciscus Haselbauer; Jacob Koppel Lifschuetz aka Ya’aqov Lifhitz Koppel, author of Sha’arei Gan Eden aka Gates of the Garden of Eden; Sarah the Ashkenazi, his third wife and "Messianic Queen";

Friends; Raphael Joseph Halabi ("of Aleppo"); Henry Oldenburg; Baruch Spinoza ? ; Moses Pinheiro;

Enemies: Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV ; grand vizier, Ahmed Koprulu; Rabbi Hiyya Abraham Di Boton; Nehemiah ha-Kohen; Jacob Sasportas of Amsterdam; Leopold Loew of Reform Judaism, a reaction to Mystical Messiahs; Moses Hagiz; the Ya'avetz aka Jacob Emden of Altona, 1697-1776, Rabbi Tzvi Ashkenazi; Elijah ben Solomon , the Gaon of Vilna aka The GRA, author of Kol ha-Tor aka The Voice of the Turtledove; Jacob Joshua of Frankfort; Samuel Helman of Metz; Nehemiah Reischer of Kriechingen in Lorraine;

Organizations: founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement;


Resources:; ;; : ; ; ; Gershom Scholem, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, 1941; ;