Samuel Noah Kramer

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Samuel Noah Kramer

Russia (anti-Semitic pogrom) / America 1897 – 1990

Comments: Orientalist specializing in Assyria; expert on early Babylon, the Sumerian history and language; also expert on the Egyptians ;

Teachers: Sargon the Great ; Lucian; James Frazer; Austen Henry Layard; Ephraim Avigdor Speiser; E. A. Wallis Budge; Leonard W. King ; R. C. Thompson; Herbert A. Strong ; John Garstang; George Smith; Leonidas Le Cenci Hamilton; R. W. Rogers ; M. Jastrow; Francois Lenormant, author of Chaldean Magic; Dr. George C. Vaillant; Mr. Horace H. F. Jayne; Professor Leon Legrain; Edward Chiera; Donald A. Mackenzie; Theophilus G. Pinches, LLD; Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister; A. H. Sayce; Robert Graves; the mythical Atrahasis aka Atra-Hasis ("exceedingly wise") of the Akkadian epic; The mythical Utnapishtim of the Sumerian Tales of Gilgamesh ; the mythical Hebrew Noah;

Students: Diane Wolkstein; Oroboros Isis Gnosis Coven; Chuck Furnace; Rainbow Darkly; Catherine LaF*****; Ashbow AKA Orlando Mont***o; ; BoneBlossom; W. Somerset Maugham; Alexei Kondratiev; Black Lotus; Dr. Ake Sjoberg; Dr. Thorkild Jacobsen; Dr. Kenneth W. Harl; Dr. Alexis Q. Castor ; Dr. Glenn S. Holland ; Dr. Scott MacEachern; Prof. Garrett G. Fagan; Dr. Thomas F. X. Noble; R. Campbell Thompson ;

Fellow Researchers: Joseph Campbell; Raphael Patai; Mircea Eliade; Robert Graves; Irving Finkel, author of “The Ark Before Noah”;

Organizations: Dropsie College of Philadelphia for Hebrew and Cognate Learning; Oriental Studies Department of the University of Pennsylvania; American Oriental Society; Archeological Institute of America; Society of Biblical Literature ; American Philosophical Society;

Author: In the World of Sumer, An Autobiography, 1988: Sumerian Mythology: Study of Spiritual and Literary Achievement in the Third Millennium B.C. 1944; History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-Nine Firsts in Man's Recorded History, 1956 - 9; The Sumerians: Their History, Culture and Character, 1963; Inanna : Queen of Heaven and Earth with Diane Wolkstein; "The Verb in the Kirkuk Tablets" ; 30 books in all;

Resources:; ; ; ; read him here - ; great resource - ;; ;