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Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward AKA Sax Rohmer

England 1883 - 1959

Comments: Gothic horror Author ; Adventure, Mystery and Horror novelist with Occult friends; confession...big fan of Fu Manchu, Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow, despite the occasionally jarring racism, sexism, or adjustment to an earlier viewpoint; Alchemy; Rosicrucian; Freemason;

Teachers: Edgar Allan Poe; Arthur Machen; Algernon Blackwood; Dr. R. Watson Councell, the model for Dr. John R. Watson, MD, and Alchemist, member of a Golden Dawn splinter group, author of Apologia Alchymiae; Arthur Conan Doyle; M. P. Shiel; Monk Lewis; Ann Radcliffe; Horace Walpole; Apollonius of Tyana, not Apollonius of Rhodes; Lord Rayleigh; Professor Irving Fisher, of Yale; Sir Ernest Rutherford; H. Stanley Redgrove; Sir Edward Thorpe; l Jan Baptist van Helmont; Friar Roger Bacon; Nicolas Flamel; Basil Valentine; Bernard Trevisan AKA Bernard of Treviso; Raymundus Lully aka Raymond Lull; Sir George Ripley ; George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes (the peaceful lover of truth); Thomas Vaughan AKA Eugenius Philalethes; Robert Samber AKA Eugenius Philalethes Junior; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Apollonius of Tyana; Michel de Notre Dame aka Nostradamus; Dr. John Dee; Cagliostro; Madame Blavatsky;

Students: H. P. Lovecraft; Robert W. Chambers; Richard Jaccoma , author of Yellow Peril, 1978; Chuck Furnace; F. Paul Wilson; William Patrick Maynard; Cay Van Ash, assistant ; Eric Rohmer, French filmmaker; R. W. Councell, author of Apologia Alchymiæ - A Re-statement of Alchemy;

Friends:Harry Houdini; Rose Elizabeth Knox aka Bianca aka Elizabeth Sax Rohmer, wife;

Enemies: William S. Burroughs;

Organizations: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn;

Author: creator of Dr. Fu Manchu, Pause!, [published anonymously] 1910; The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, [US Title: The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu] 1913 (Fu Manchu Book 1); The Sins of Severac Bablon, 1914. Adventures of a sort of Jewish Robin Hood; The Romance of Sorcery, 1914, Nonfiction study of the occult in history; The Yellow Claw, 1915 ; The Devil Doctor, [US Title: The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu] 1916 (Fu Manchu Book 2); The Exploits of Captain O'Hagan, 1916. Short stories; The Si-Fan Mysteries, [US Title: The Hand of Fu Manchu] 1917 (Fu Manchu Book 3); Brood of the Witch Queen, 1918; Tales of Secret Egypt, 1918; The Orchard of Tears, 1918; The Quest of the Sacred Slipper, 1919; Dope, 1919 ("Red" Kerry Book 1 ); The Golden Scorpion, 1919 (Gaston Max Book 2) (sequel to 1915's The Yellow Claw); The Dream Detective, 1920; The Green Eyes of Bast, 1920; The Haunting of Low Fennel, 1920; Bat-Wing, 1921 (Paul Harley Book 1); Fire Tongue, 1921 (Paul Harley Book 2); Tales of Chinatown, 1922; Grey Face, 1924; Yellow Shadows, 1925 ("Red" Kerry Book 2); Moon of Madness, 1927; She Who Sleeps: A Romance of New York and the Nile, 1928. A tale of supernatural fiction - reanimation - Egyptian princesses - and hoaxes.; The Emperor of America, 1929; The Day the World Ended, 1930 (Gaston Max Book 3); The Daughter of Fu Manchu, 1931 (Fu Manchu Book 4); Yu'an Hee See Laughs, 1932; The Mask of Fu Manchu, 1932 (Fu Manchu Book 5); Tales of East and West, 1932; The Bride of Fu Manchu, [original US Title: Fu Manchu's Bride] 1933 (Fu Manchu Book 6); The Trail of Fu Manchu, 1934 (Fu Manchu Book 7); The Bat Flies Low, 1935; President Fu Manchu, 1936 (Fu Manchu Book 8) White Velvet, 1936; Salute to Bazarada, 1939; The Drums of Fu Manchu, 1939 (Fu Manchu Book 9) The Island of Fu Manchu, 1941 (Fu Manchu Book 10); Seven Sins, 1943 (Gaston Max Book 4); Egyptian Nights, [US Title: Bimbashi-Baruk of Egypt] 1944; The Shadow of Fu Manchu, 1948 (Fu Manchu Book 11) Hangover House, 1949; The Sins of Sumuru, [US Title: Nude in Mink] 1950 (Sumuru Book 1);The Slaves of Sumuru, [US Title: Sumuru] 1951 (Sumuru Book 2); Virgin in Flames, [US Title: The Fire Goddess] 1952 (Sumuru Book 3); Sand and Satin, [US Title: Return of Sumuru] 1954 (Sumuru Book 4) The Moon is Red, 1954; Sinister Madonna, 1956 (Sumuru Book 5); Re-enter: Fu Manchu, 1957 [UK Title: Re-Enter: Dr. Fu Manchu] (Fu Manchu Book 12); Emperor Fu Manchu, 1959 (Fu Manchu Book 13); The Secret of Holm Peel and Other Strange Stories, [posthumous short story collection], 1970; The Wrath of Fu Manchu and Other Stories, [posthumous collection of 12 stories) ; 1st published story - The Mysterious Mummy in Pearson's Weekly, 1903; created Paul Harley, Gaston Max, Red Kerry, Morris Klaw, psychic investigator and The Crime Magnet characters and wrote short storied pseudonymous; preface to Apollogia Alchymiae: A Re-statement of Alchemy by R. W. Councell, 1925; “The Mystery of the Marsh Hole” ; “Who Was the Rajah?” ; The McVillin, 1906; “The Sedgley Abbey Tragedies” , 1909; “The Death of Cyrus Pettigrew,”, 1909; “The Secret of Holm Peel”, 1912; “The Haunting of Low Fennel”; “The Blue Monkey” featuring the pre-Fu Manchu Dr. Nayland Smith, 1920; “The Dyke Grange Mystery”, 1922; The Leopard Couch; “A House Possessed”, 1912; “That Black Cat”, 1914; “The Haunted Temple”; “The Red Eye of Vishnu”; “The Cardinal’s Stair” ; “In the Valley of the Sorceress”, 1916; “The Valley of the Just” (1917) ; “The Curse of a Thousand Kisses” (1918); “Red Mist” (1919); “The Hand of the White Sheikh” , 1920; Brood of the Witch Queen; The Dream Detective collection; The Voice of Kali; “The Black Mandarin”, 1922; “The Man with the Shaven Skull”; “The House of the Golden Joss”; “The White Hat” ; Bat-Wing ; Fire-Tongue, 1921; Tales of Chinatown; The The Sumuru Omibus collection; Tears of Our Lady; The Complete Cases of the Crime Magnet collection; believe he is the author of Masonic Symbolism and the Mystic Way: A Series of Papers on the True Secrets and the Lost Word, 1923;

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