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Scottish Rite of Freemasonry AKA The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry AKA The A∴A∴ Scottish Rite

By the early 1700s, Masonic degrees were being invented (or reconstructed) in bewildering numbers, beyond the traditional three degrees of Blue Lodge Freemasonry, the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Although legend attributes it's origins to Charles the II in France, followed by the Jacobean legend that King James II initiated his son Prince James Francis Edward Stuart (The Old Pretender) and the upstart Prince Bonnie Prince Charley AKA Charles Edward Stuart in the "Ecossais" lodge of Scots Masters. Masonic scholar Dr. George Oliver reported this as history, along with King Charles the First's participation in European Lodges during his exile, which seems to have escaped the history books of the time.

What seems more historically accurate, Estienne Morin, a French Mason from Bordeaux France since 1744, moved to Haiti and, in 1747, founded an "Ecossais" lodge (Scots Masters Lodge) in the city of Le Cap Français, on the north coast of the French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). His collection of rituals were from various sources, "The Council of Emperors of the East and West" being the main source. The original 3 degrees of Freemasonry are usually still given in the Blue Lodges before one can join the Scottish Rite, and membership in the latter is contingent on maintaining membership in Blue Lodge. The Mother Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina, was formed in America in 1801. They were known as "The Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston", the Founding Fathers of the Scottish Rite . More than most Masonic Lodges at the time, they integrated Jews into their Lodges and leadership from the beginning. Such names as Barend Moses Spitzer , Abraham Alexander, Emanuel de la Matta, Isaac Auld , Israel de Lieben, Moses Clava Levy and Isaac De Costa created and helped establish the Order in America.

In the Caribbean Islands, Br. Jean Doszedardski (1770- ) of the Lodge le Choix des Hommes, located in Jacmel, San Domingo compiled the rituals and a version of the history of the Rite in the “Book of Wisdom” and Roi du Sanctuaire (1805-1809), recently translated by Kamel Oussayef, 33°. This led to the founding in New Orleans of La Bienfaisance Lodge aka La Triple Bienfaisance, but the Lodges of Louisiana today continue to practice the the York Rite of Freemasonry, even in their initial 3 degrees. The Prince du Tabernacle degree was probably created by Doszedardski.

It gets confusing, (SIDEBAR on SCOTTISH RITE LINEAGE) Antoine Bideaud, 1806 from Caribbean, initiated his students – J.J.J. Gourgas; Daniel D. Tompkins; Sampson Simpson; Richard Riker in NY; vs. Joseph Cerneau of Cuba, with his Sovereign Grand Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, 1807, initiating HIS his students De Witt Clinton; John W. Mulligan; Cadwallader D. Colden; M. W. Bayliss, 1919; Harry Seymour aka Harry J. Seymour , Ancient and Primative Rite of Freemasonry from both the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Cerneau and the Rite of Memphis and Misraim, 1865. He appointed Grand Master General, of Memphis Rite, 1872; the Rite of Mizraim added to the Rite of Memphis, 1875, by John Yarker (1833 – 1913) expelled from Scottish Rite, 1870. Yarker is Theodor Reuss ‘s initiator into Freemasonry, Max Scheuer was Grand Commander of the Rite of Cerneau from 1900-1904; 1910 - Eduardo Frosini, of the Spanish Rite, founded the 'Rite Philosophique Italien;1910; vs Emmanuel de la Motta, 1813 who decided to charter Antoine Bideaud’s branch the Antient and Primitive Rite, or Order of Memphis, originate in the ‘Rite of Philalethes,’ or Lovers of Truth, 1773, then 1814, France, by Samuel Honis, of Cairo, AKA Marconis the Negro aka Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre; the Baron Duman; the Marquis de Laroque; Hypolites Labrunie; J. Petit; 1857, Jacques Etienne Marconis, (son of Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre),brought it to New York, student - David McClellan

Separately in France, Martinez de Pasqually was reorganizing "advanced" Masonic degrees into the Juges Ecossais or The Scottish Judges, and may have provided some of the material for Estienne Morin's degrees. French and Italian Freemasons experimented with the Rite of Memphis and Misraim.

But its two greatest scholars were yet to come, Dr. Albert Mackey and Albert Pike. Pike succeeded Mackey as Commander General of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction and was the primary writer on the Committee which revised the 4 -33 degrees. Freemasonry drew them together, though they were on opposite sides of the American Civil War.

The degrees are 4° Secret Master AKA Master Traveler; 5° Perfect Master; 6° Intimate Secretary AKA Master of the Brazen Serpent ; 7° Provost and Judge; 8° Intendant of the Building; 9° Elu of the Nine AKA Master of the Temple; 10° Elu of the Fifteen AKA Master Elect; 11° Elu of the Twelve AKA Sublime Master Elected; 12° Master Architect AKA Grand Master Architect; 13°Royal Arch of Solomon AKA Master of the Ninth Arch; 14° Perfect Elu AKA Grand Elect Mason; 15° Knight of the East, AKA Knight of the Sword, AKA Knight of the Eagle; 16° Prince of Jerusalem; 17° Knight of the East and West; 18° Knight Rose Croix AKA Knight of the Rose Croix de Heredom; 19° Grand Pontiff; 20° Master of the Symbolic Lodge AKA Master ad Vitam; 21° Noachite AKA Prussian Knight; 22° Knight of the Royal Axe AKA Prince of Libanus; 23° Chief of the Tabernacle; 24° Prince of the Tabernacle AKA Brother of the Forest; 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent AKA Master of Achievement; 26° Prince of Mercy, AKA Scottish Trinitarian AKA Friend and Brother Eternal; 27° Knight of the Sun, AKA Prince Adept AKA Knight of Jerusalem; 28° Knight Commander of the Temple AKA Knight of the Sun,AKA Prince Adept; 29° Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew; 30° Knight Kadosh (Holy in Hebrew) AKA Knight of the White and Black Eagle AKA Grand Inspector; 31° Inspector Inquisitor AKA Knight Aspirant; 32° Master of the Royal Secret AKA Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret; and the last degree is only offered by acclimation, 33° Inspector General.

It inspired the German Rite of Strict Observance of Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund which then inspired the Rectified Scottish Rite of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz with it's Merovian French Kings descended from Mary and Jesus's line, which inspiresRobert Anton Wilson's Illuminati, Michael Baigent and Dan Brown's modern day conspiracies.

NOTE: The author is not a member of the Scottish Rite, has taken no obligations of secrecy, and is relying solely on publicly available information.

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