Selena Fox

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Selena Fox

America 1949 - present

Comments: Wicca; Neopaganism; back to the Earth; "Circle Craft Wicca" tradition;

Teachers: Gerald Gardner

Students: De-Anna Alba AKA De-Anna White;

Friends: Starhawk: M. Macha NightMare; Jim Alan, partner for a while; Paul Krassner;

Organizations: Circle Sanctuary, 1974; Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve; American Psychological Association; American Counseling Association; Association for Transpersonal Psychology; American Academy of Religion; Lady Liberty League; Chameleon Club,; first Starwood Festival in 1981; Pagan Spirit Gathering;

Author / Publisher: CIRCLE Magazine (formerly, Circle Network News), 1978; Pagan Spirit Gathering; When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous (1995); Circle Magick Songs (1979) with Jim Alan; Goddess Communion: Rituals and Meditations (1988); Planetary Healing Rituals: Meditations, Rituals & Prayers for a Healthier World (1991);