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Sepharial AKA whoever the Publisher had writing it at the moment The 1st was Dr Walter Gorn England 1864 - 1929 , also edited "Old Moore's Almanac"

Comments: commercial Astrology and occultism;

Students: Grant Lewi; Alan Leo; C.C. Zain; Frank Earl Ormsby, author of The law and the prophets - a scientific work on the relationship between physical bodies, vegetable, animal, human, and planetary

Organizations: publishing houses

Books produced: Art of Card Fortune Telling; Basis Of Scripture Prophecy; Degrees Of The Zodiac Symbolized By Charubel; Hebrew Astrology The Key to the Study of Prophecy; Kabala Of Numbers; Law of Values; Manual of Occultism; Science Of Foreknowledge: The Radex System; Second Sight: A Study Of Natural And Induced Clairvoyance; Sepharial's Astrology: How To Make and How To Read Your Own Horoscope; Silver Key, The (includes Astrolabe); World Horoscope, The Hebrew Astrology; Your Fortune In Your Name: Kabalistic Astrology; Cosmic Symbolism; Why The War Will End In 1917; On The Markets ; The Numbers Book - The Science of Numerology; Arcana Or Stock & Share Key, & Key To Sugar Values; The Key To Sugar Values (for investing);

Resources: ; read him here - ; most of his 1900 books are still in print