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Sex magick

Sepher AVH (or AH) Yetzirah

in 4 parts...

Cosmic Sex[edit]

In the beginning, all was One. With no distinctions, there was no Time, and with no Matter, no Space. The One or Godhead filled everything.

For reasons unclear, the Godhead decided to Create. But there was no Space into which creation could be attempted, just the One Spirit filling all possibilities.

So The One divided itself into Projective and Receptive aspects using a “magick formula” of a process upon itself. Modern Magicians call this formula Yod Heh Vau Heh, Physicist seek it as the Unified Field Theory, and Mystics seek it as Enlightenment. It leaves its fingerprints on every action, in every sphere, in every age. Thesis (the idea, Yod) is received in the passive womb of the first Heh, gives birth to Action by the Vau, and that Action produces an effect in the World in the last Heh, the final womb.

Before the One accomplished the first Creation, its Projective aspect carefully separated itself and refined its differences from the Receptive aspect of itself. Though made of the same cosmic stuff, the Will of the One was enough to differentiate them internally, and through an internal alchemy they were separated. Then the two yearning aspects were reunited in a wave of joy , as “Male” and “Female”, the first projecting Force, and the later Form. The Triad was stable at first, and the Supernal Triad of Kether, Chockmah and Binah formed the world of Platonic Ideals or Forms.

But the projective force of Creation could not be contained, once begun. The Union of Force and Form built up so much pressure from the unrelenting Projective Force that it sprung a leak and the Divine Light began to descend into the realm of Human Consciousness through D’aath, or Knowledge on the Tree of Life.

And the Divine Light descended, overflowing each of the Sephera of the Tree, alternating between projective and receptive to balance the resulting energy. Each Center of Human Consciousness was filled past its capacity, unable to contain the force of the Divine Light projected, until it overflows and the Light continues its descent. Each time a Center was unable to contain the Light, that Light was still affected by the experience of that Center before moving on. Circumstances, opportunities, genetics, astrology and other influences affect the Light as it descends, and it diversifies into individual fragments or Sparks, each unique despite their common source, by virtue of the experience of their individual descent experience. Thus it travels through, is affected by, and absorbs the knowledge of, Chesed, Geburah, Tephareth, Netzach, and Hod; learning to incorporate aspects of Stability, Discipline, Self-Knowledge, Emotion and Thought. Becoming HUMAN.

After the Human experience of Personality, the Light enters the Treasure House of Images, the Universal Unconscious in the Sphere of Yesod. Through birth, dreams and Will, it descends into a body, and becomes a Human Soul, made from the Light of Creation, and yearning to return to that wholeness. And infusing a human sperm, finding a receptive, material, nurturing, accepting home it manifests as a human being after a second pilgrimage through evolution in the womb.

The Path of Magick is the return to the Godhead from our individual lives. Neoplatonism phrases it as the remembering of the Life before Birth's amnesia. Zen asks "What is the Face you wore before you were born?" Magick asks "Who are you really in this Life, at this Time, in this place?" or "What is your True Will? "

The method is to emulate the One at its most creative. Separate out and refine your Projective aspect and make it a focused Will. Separate out your Receptive aspect and make it surrender completely, drowning the Monkey-Mind of small thoughts and ego observations.

Combine them again and again in ecstasy, each time, refine them further. All impurities are driven out when One becomes Two, then becomes One again. The Alchemists say Solve et Coagula, dissolve and reform. Thus was the world formed out of Spirit.

Resources: The Holy Guardian Angel by Chuck Furnace, see; The Book of Lies, which is also falsely called Breaks, plus Magick Without Tears (AKA Uncle Aleister explains everything) and Magick : Liber ABA, Book Four, Parts I-IV including Magick in Theory and Practice, plus Amrita, all by Aleister Crowley; The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley by J. Edward Cornelius AKA Jerry Cornelius, (2010); Sexuality, Magic and Perversion and The Secret Rituals of the OTO by Francis King, the works of P. B. Randolph, like "Eulis!: The History of Love" (with R. Swinburne Clymer commentary 1874); Benjamin Walker's Tantrism: Its Secret Principles and Practices, 1982 and many more.


the tree of life is thought to be the pillar that collects the "tears of God", which Man distributes as semen, see this metaphor:

"All the keys of Paradise are in their hands, and when the pillar that is found in the middle of the garden is moving and singing by itself, the firmament that is over the garden returns. Then they [the Tzadi, the Rightous] advance toward their Creator and come closer to the pillar. And the Man, Clothed by Garments, grasps the four rings of the firmament and the pillar of the firmament knocks the ring that is in the East of the firmament, and [then] all the trees of the garden sing and praise, and then the Glory of the Lord of Israel comes. And the earth illumines from His glory, which is the Garden of Eden. And the category of those Tzadik open first saying “Holy, Holy, Holy.” ... Seder Gan `Eden, no known author or date; this teaching is reflected in the Zohar, which teaches - "The voice of the melody of the firmament...travels by the hand of the Man, Clothed by Garments, and he moves away and the firmament stands and the pillar sings, it ascends and descends, so that the light of the splendor, the light of the pleasantness, is drawn from above within that pillar, and the righteous stand vis-à-vis that light and enjoy it until midnight. It is at midnight that God comes with the righteous to listen to the voice of the turn of the firmament, and the pillar sings and the soil of the garden is elevating, and the righteous are ascending from their mansions toward their Creator, and the entire garden is filled by His glory. At that time, the male and female spirits are copulating, as it was before they had been created. And out of this pleasantness of their desire to see the pleasantness of God, all produce fruit, and from their fruit the spirits of the converts [to Judaism] emerge"

Resources - ;

from Sha'are Orah or Gates of Light by Rabbi Joseph Karo, pg. 69-70 "one who paces his conjugal relations from Shabbat eve to Shabbat eve (Fri night - Saturday sundown) will be rewarded with righteous sons" because Tzadik (righteous) = Shabbat, the essence of El Chai;

Part Two will address the Inner Alchemy in Chesed, Geburah, Hod, Netzach and will explore the Treasure house of Images, the Collective Unconscious Dreamworld of Yesod, the gate to Malkuth and physical action and manifestation.

== Inner Alchemy == still in progress....

The process described above, based on the Four Fold Name or tetragrammaton,in Greek, of Yod, Heh, Vau, final Heh, is also the way the Spirit in this incarnation can strengthen and harmonize itself. Humans, by simply being similar creatures, share much in common. We walk easily forward, and with less success backwards. We look where we are going, not behind us, where we have been. We breathe air, are born, grow, die. If we are lucky and decide to experience the whole human cycle, we may fall in love, have hearts broken, find a long time companion, and raise successful children to maturity. The Human aspect of our experience as individuals, even from different countries, belief systems and economic situations contain the basics of the Human drama. We experience success and failure, and feel our emotions in response to both internal and external factors.

In the center of the Tree of Life diagram lay the Human archetypes as adjusted by our individual gifts, faults and experiences. Most Humans will experience feelings along the continuum of Thought and Feeling, Hod and Netzach. They will have situations where they choose along the continuum of Discipline and Mercy, Restriction and Construction, represented by Geburah and Chesed. And in both these horizontal (on the Tree) paths, they will have as their Guide the Center Sephera of Tipareth.

In our exploration of these two continuums, we can find our comfort zone and never budge, or explore. In exploration, we discover ourselves as complete creatures, each trait a combination of it's opposites, with a moving balance point as we grow. They are not contradictory. One can, and should be, adding and subtracting elements of the Self as we grow. In Circle, one can cast off our obsession with defining ourselves strictly to experiment with our many slivers of Self. These slivers must be explored before they can be effectively recombined and harmonized. This self knowledge reveals itself in Tipareth, the Center.

The Mystic Path tends to ignore these Sephera, and activate the Center of the Tree by direct appeal from the physical, through the Heart, to the Godhead. It's goal is direct experience of the Godhead while in this Life, and the development of Personality or Traits simply are distractions. In Magick, the energy is more fully manifest external in the world.

The Mystic and the Magician can make excellent partners however, provided they accept their differences and one does not prevail upon the other to change an approach which fits their Path. The tension, rather than it's resolution, is a key to gathering power before premature release. "Energized Enthusiasm Unsatisfied", the orgasm denying Karaza aka karraza is likely a mispronunciation of the Hebrew technique of kavvanot aka kawwanah (Kaph, Vou, Nun, Heh) (means Sincerity, but embodies a technique of Will full or Attentive Surrender to the Divine influence through a balance of Push/Pull) or ecstatic focused attention, as employed in sex magick. Such devotional, intentional, egoless, guided from Above, projective version of Drawing Down the Moon in Hebrew are preceded by the phrase "I am ready and prepared to perform the divine command of (a specific NAME of G-d). Religious, trance sex on Shabbot night can imbue a child with specific qualities, or if no physical child is conceived, create a "loose soul". These Bud Wills to incarnate can be nurtured by regular attention/ intention and affect the couple/ Operators and their environment in unusual ways. When these "children" (who have a mischievous side as well as obedient side) affect the World, they almost always "sign" their WORK. This "sign" attracts the notice of the Operators, who can then decipher the symbolism through their own set of Spiritual Imagery.

The Receptive Mystic phases is characterized by acceptance and endurance, focus controlling the body, strength in suffering, born with surrender and vigilant against distraction. It can be done as part of a partnership (a dyad WORKing), group WORK or completely internally and individual, without any external sign of the furious activity within. The single minded devotion of a fanatic to their God, a Mother to their Child, an adoration of a new Love, are adherents from which we learn.

Examples of the 1st would be a Thelemite magician and his consort, a Scarlet Woman, where he formulates the Will before and internally imprints it within, then in sacred sexual contact she opens up to the Universe (and shuts down her Monkey Mind) to provide a clear conduit into the Astral or Causative Planes. The 2nd is characterized by Drawing Down the Goddess into a human and having others in the Group worship HER, through the physical woman. This can be seen in a mild form during the Thelemic Gnostic Mass, but is brought to perfection in treliff sex as outlined by Frater PVN and practiced by the 93 Club of Wallingford in the 90s. The last Path, internal, can be accomplished when physical pain is welcomed and converted into fuel for the Cosmic Furnace, to burn away the Monkey Mind and free the practitioner to simply BE.

The Projective Magickal phase is characterized by questing for and formulating the goal (yod), imprinting it internally, into sperm if available (heh), externalizing it by words, actions, sexual acts, changes of attitude and action (Vau) and a period of reflection and integration of the new events provoked (final Heh). Obviously, if sperm is not being produced, other cyclical natural elements may be experimented with as substitutes. We live in a Brave New World, where gender is subject to Will, and are not bound by biology. But there needs to be a Magickal Link for transmission of Will as Energy, let it be a challenge, then publish so others can learn from your Path.

Where can we find this Magical Link?

Gemistus Pletho AKA George Gemistos Plethon 1355 – 1452/1454 wrote/ translated: “May we carry out these rites in your honor (Oh Greek Gods) in the most fitting manner, KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE NO NEED OF ANYTHING WHATEVER FROM US. BUT WE ARE MOLDING AND STAMPING OUR OWN IMAGINATION AND THAT PART OF US WHICH IS MOST AKIN TO THE DIVINE, allowing it both to enjoy the godly and the beautiful, and making our own imagination tractable and obedient to THAT WHICH IS DIVINE WITHIN US. ”

We WORK with the piece of the Godhead within, and it changes the Godhead without in the Material World through the Magical Link of the Godstuff which is present in everything, but more strongly in organized and intelligent systems, including other people. But like all living systems, it needs continued attention/organization/energy to thrive and mature into it's strength and vigor. The "budwill" or "seed" needs to be well formed, clear, and will generally be more successfully fulfilled if it has a natural path. For less likely results, one has to employ unnatural techniques, which carry greater risks of failure as well.

Without a receptive Earth in which to grow, no seed can succeed. Even within yourself, it "takes two to tango". Remember in the Theory of The One, even God has to divide HIMself to make space for a new Creation.

As Darkness proceeds Light, the Receptive draws a couples' united consciousness upwards to the Source of Life though her/his consciousness and body, into the Astral Yesod, then to navigate to a receptive place within the Astral, a Fertile Field, (which is her/his individual connection to the Goddess). This journey exhausts the Receptive and having disciplined all thought down to naught, Ego crashes and Enlightenment rises. As This Releasing is happening on one end, tension is built by the Projective in refusing to release ONE thought, sigil or Desire. The resolution and direction of this tension in the Astral creates conditions which lead to interesting, related manifestations in daily life, worthy of study.

Without the uniting of both Receptive and Projective phases, most Changes will be slower to manifest and may be subtle. While the Projective starts off leading the dance, the Receptive must then become overwhelmed, empty, draw down the Goddess, then take the lead in filling out the seed into fruit.

The Internal Alchemy should be practiced within a closed Magickal Circle, with suitable protections against outside influences or leakage, after the practitioner has perfected such defenses and learned bifurcation of consciousness. To most effectively experience, and KNOW Thyself, in all our diverse elements, we need privacy and security. It is your Laboratory, your private place to Labor and Pray freely.

To explore all aspects of your complicated incarnation, in Circle, slide the balance point between Emotion (Netzach) and Reason (Hod) back and forth, observe your feelings, thoughts and inclinations as you experience intense emotion and then subdue emotion, as you change opinions and plans while you adjust the slider. Always use your Center, Tipareth, your individuality, as a measure of the fit produced. Record your impressions in a Magickal Diary. Then do the same with Discipline/ Subtracting (Geburah) and Mercy/ Establishing (Chesed or Gedulah). Do not let any of this leak out of your Magick Circle into your daily life. The point is to experience and integrate these elements of Self, not chose one over the other or try to manifest it without it's opposite in life. In this, we reintegrate our diverse and contradictory personality elements. The goal is reconciliation.

Quote: The co-incidence (reconciliation) of opposites is an extraordinary state where our usual condition - feeling like a fragment torn away from the source of Life (alienation), experiencing nostalgia for the primal Unity (Unification with the Godhead) , is exchanged for a plenitude (state of experiencing many things at once harmoniously) in which all opposites exist without conflict" Mircea Eliade, quoted by Will Parfitt in The Living Qabalah pg. 198, comments by Chuck Furnace.

- a WORK in progress - 

The Spheres of Thought and Feeling, Hod and Netzach,

The Spheres of Discipline and Mercy, Geburah and Chesed

Tipareth, the Center of the Self

Influence from Above the Abyss

Influence flowing down to Yesod

Part Three will address the Creativity of Sex magick in our actions and lives.[edit]

 Oh yes, and sex.

The formula of the Rose and Cross The twin Paths of ON and Babalon Sator Rota square - SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS The Lion Tamed - over Geburah and through the Abyss (to Grandmother's House we Go - Binah) The Star - the crystal channel The Camel of the Mystic - abstinence makes the heart grow... Tantra and the Western Way The Sigil magick of Austin Osman Spare The Wiccan Way Polarity in a gender confusing world Treliff sex The Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Degrees from Carl Kellner to Uncle Aleister Crowley Pavlovian association of sex with Spiritual yearning. Use yourself, or it will use you.

Catholic version is to associate sexual yearning with thinking about the Church and feeling guilty, builds a lot of energy to Religion, and feeling guilty makes one crave the relief of Church.

The path from Jakob Bohme,Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer AKA The Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL, Rabbi Jacob Frank Sabbatai Zevi , Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf of the Moravian Brotherhood, Mother Eve aka Eva Margaretha von Buttlar, William Blake and other identifications between the Hebrew Shekenah with the Gnostic Sophia and a feminized Holy Spirit, as well as Eve before the Fall. This sometimes manifests as the Tantra technique of breaking social taboos, Antinomianism‎, as the Whore of Babalon motif favored by Aleister Crowley, all a "Drawing Down" of the Goddess in HER many forms.

Part Four will be an the history of Sex in Spirituality.[edit]

An exploration of the evolution of these concepts, comparing and contrasting approaches and looking beneath the arcane terminology to discern replicatable magical processes.

In The Beginning... As we became Human.. the 1st 3 mysteries The Bible ...yeah, we talkin Ole Skool here! Hebrew! The Ancients, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans The Catholic Darkness of the Middle Ages Sparks of Light in that Darkness Rescue from the Moors, return of the Greek Classics The Renaissance Humanism and the Rosicrucians Protestants, Religious Wars and Freemasonry The rise of Secret Fraternities The introduction of Indian Tantra through British Colonialism The Treasures "collected" from Egypt The Mythologists broach the subject in Victorian England... sex is not dirty, it is sacred. Wiccans, Magicians, and the reconciliation of traditions of The East in the 1800s The Last Century (of the 1900s, not of the World) Your role today Celebrate Life!