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The Shaman is the bridge between his or her community and the Spirit world around it. Part witch doctor, part adviser, part confessor, this role may be held by people who don't otherwise fit the norms of their culture, such as transgendered or physically different members of the Tribe. While Shamanism is usually thought of as primitive, it doesn't need to be so, and there are Technoshamans who utilize all the accoutrements of modern culture to alter consciousness and make a trip into the Spirit World.


Practitioners: Anthropological practitioners and scholars - Michael Harner; Mircea Eliade; Joan Halifax; Zora Neale Hurston; Margaret Mead; Joseph Campbell; Gregory Bateson; Claude Lévi-Strauss; Bronislaw Malinowski; James Frazer; Wade Davis; Lyall Watson; R. Gordon Wasson;

Modern - Nevill Drury; Chas Clifton; Ronald Hutton; Max Freedom Long; Serge Kahili King; BoneBlossom; Julie; Ashbow AKA Orlando Mont***o; Rayna; Canu ; Chuck Furnace; Terence McKenna; Phil Hine; Carlos Castaneda; Andras Corban Arthen; Gwydion Pendderwen; Jane E. Hartman; Edred Thorsson; Kerr Cuhulain; Raven Grimassi; Margaret Murray; Stanislav Grof; Dr. Timothy Leary;


Articles of interest - , modern Shamanism in Malaysia;