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The Source of all Holy reference is the intersection of a living person with their slice of the Universal GODHEAD, often preserved as a book which grows over time, incorporating new Revelations and tribal history interpreted in a consistent manner to build up an identity,set of moral expectations and beliefs about why things happen.

FAITH* is what you choose to believe, and can be an ideal to which we try to mold our Reality. But there need be no argument between Faith of the Heart and Reason in the brain. No one can question another's Faith, though we can be doubtful. But we cannot let our preconceptions bind our Senses.

Archeology reveals a copy of Gilgamesh and the Babylonian Creation, Flood and Noah tales existing in early Judea. While flooding is the life's-blood of Babylon and Egyptians life, the Jordan River is a stream, and unlikely to yield large scale flooding of the hills in Judea.

Careful reading, especially of events described more than once, yields signs of when these descriptions were written, by whom, and to fulfill what purpose. In Hebrew, God is referenced by different NAMEs and titles in different texts, and the criticism of the Urban Priests or rural Rabbis, as well as different NUMBER systems tie and contrast texts from different times or origin in the Northern Kingdom vs. Southern.

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  • On Faith - in your Spiritual quest, you may experiment with having Faith in a variety of propositions at various times. You may have visions, or omens, which you interpret in certain ways, and infuse with Faith. Your own understanding of that Faith will likely evolve over time, as you have more experiences.

But no matter what you invest your Faith in, do test it against your real world experience in the safest way. If your Holy Guardian Angel informs you of your ability to fly, start off by testing it on the ground, or a low porch. If your Animal Guide is aquatic, and tells you of your hidden ability to breath underwater, try it out in the bath tub or shallow end of the pool, not the middle of the sea.

If it turns our gravity still applies, and oxygen is as important to you as other humans, you will have had an experience without damage, and can reinterpret that experience in another, perhaps more Spiritual way (You are Free to Soar, You move through Adversity slowly but smoothly). No one may question your Faith without your asking, but you. And you should, or risk serious, unexpected consequences.

for the Western Tradition Revealed texts, see Bible for the Old Testament, New Testament and a note on the Koran (Qur'an) in Europe.