Stephan Hoeller

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Stephan Hoeller AKA Baron von Hoeller-Bertram

Hungary / America 1931 - present

Comments: Qabalist; Gnostic; Alchemy; Tarot;

Teachers: Valentinus; Plotinus; Iamblichus; St. Augustine of Hippo ; GRS Mead; Jules Doinel; Bishop Lowell P. Wadle; Richard Duc d Palatine AKA Ronald Powell; Carl Jung; Cecil Frederick Russell; James Morgan Pryse, of the the Gnostic Society, 1928 , author of The Apocalypse Unsealed , 1910, 1859 – 1942; Dr. Marvin Meyer;

Students: Samael Aun Weor; Julius Evola; Jean Pascal Ruggiu; Chuck Furnace; William Wallace Webb;

Friends: Gnostic Archbishop L.P. Wadle; George Plummer;

Organizations: Regionary Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica; American Catholic Church, 1958; Manley P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society; Theosophical Society of America; Director of Studies for the Gnostic Society;

Author: The Royal Road : A Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot (1975), republished as: The Fool's Pilgrimage; Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot (2004) ; The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead (1982); Jung and the Lost Gospels (1989); Freedom: Alchemy for a Voluntary Society (1992); Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing (2002); The Fall of Sophia: A Gnostic Text on the Redemption of Universal Consciousness by Violet MacDermot with a commentary by Stephan A. Hoeller;

Resources:; workshops Upstate NY in the 90s; Gnosticism: From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas lecture series by Professor David Brakke, The Teaching Co/ Great Courses, 2015 ; ;