Stephen Dafoe

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Stephen Dafoe

Canada @ 1960 - present

Comments: Esoteric Freemason; Freemason;

Teachers; William Schaw; James Anderson; William Sinclair of Roslin; David Cunningham of Robertland; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Sir John Veitch of Dawyck; John Carmichael; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Sir William Bruce, 1671; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Albert Pike; Albert Mackey; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie;

Students; Alan Butler;

Fellow Researchers: Christopher Hodapp; Kirk White; Christopher Knight; Andrew Hammer; The Knights of the North; Tobias Churton;Robert Lomas; Mark Stavish; James Wasserman; John Michael Greer; Cliff Porter ;Tim Hogan; S. Brent Morris; Laurence Gardner; WB Chuck Furnace; WB Justin D****; Arturo de Hoyos

Organizations: Freemasonry, Moira Lodge ;

Author: Everything I needed to Know About Freemasonry I learned as an Entered Apprentice, 2004; The Knights Templar Revealed, with Alan Butler; Nobly Born; The Compasses and the Cross; Morgan: The Scandal That Shook Freemasonry with Arturo de Hoyos; 101 card Templar Tarot: The Journey; Esoteric Odyssey – The Philosophy of Masons;