Stephen Gaskin

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Stephen Gaskin

America 1935 - 2014

Comments: Back to the Land movement ; The Farm in Tennessee, was The Hog Farm of Wavey Gravey; Yippie!; San Francisco's acid guru; Vegetarian; offered to accept all babies in lui of any abortions; incredible human being;

Teachers: Wavey Gravey; John C. Lilly; Timothy Leary; Buckminster Fuller;Baba Ram Dass; Ken Kesey; Yogi Bhajan; Paul Krassner;

Students: Chuck Furnace;

Friends: E. J. Gold ; Abbie Hoffman; Jerry Reuben;


Organizations: Green Party; The Farm ; the Rainbow Warriors;

Author: Volume One: Sunday Morning Services on the Farm ; Forty Miles of Bad Road, 1964 ; Monday Night Class , 1970; The Caravan, 1972; Hey Beatnik!: This is the Farm Book, 1974; The Big Dummy's Guide to CB Radio, 1976; This Season's People: A Book of Spiritual Teachings, 1978; Mind at Play , 1979; Rendered Infamous: A Book of Political Reality, 1986; Haight Ashbury Flashbacks ; Cannabis Spirituality: Including 13 Guidelines for Sanity and Safety, 1998; Amazing Dope Tales , 1999; An Outlaw in My Heart: A Political Activist's User's Manual, 2000; The Hidden Holocaust: Stephen Gaskin Reveals What's Really Going On in Guatemala; Stephen Speaks to San Francisco; The Farm vegetarian cookbook

Resources: ; visit The Farm; ;