Stephen Mace

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Stephen Mace

America 1948 - present

Comments: Sorcery; Thelemite; interesting person, somewhat of a Hermit these days;

Teachers: Austin Osman Spare; Aleister Crowley; Oswald Spengler; Abraham Von Worms ;


Friends: Jerry Cornelius; Chuck Furnace; Truthseeker AKA Rick C****; Ray Sherwin, Chaos Magician AKA "Thessalonius Loyola"; Peter Carroll; Phil Hine; Julian Wilde; Adrian Savage; and The German Krew - Tula von Irminsul; Carsten Klatte ; Joe Asmodo ; Georg Dehn, who edited and published the German edition of Abramelin--Buch Abramelin--which he adapted from the 1725 Hammer edition, which is taken from the oldest German manuscript (in Wolfenbuettel, 1608);



Author: Stealing the Fire from Heaven (on AO Spare); Taking Power: Claiming Our Divinity Through Magick ; Seizing Power: Reclaiming Our Liberty Through Magick; Spirits and their Training; Sending Power to Help and Hurt; Sorcery as Virtual Mechanics; Letters from America (7 previously published articles) Chaos: a Thelemic Approach;an as of yet unpublished book on Neoplatonism; articles in AHA Zeitschrift, 2005 ;

Resources:; Google Way Back has caught his authorized essay on politics, Culture and Sorcery at, so you can read his style there, make sure you get through the politics at the beginning to see his Psychic analysis, that is where he shines ;